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Young Researcher Participation in Northern Research Forum 2013: Climate Change in Northern Territories


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This is a small workshop award to support the participation of two early career female scholars in the Northern Research Forum, which will be held in Akureyri, Iceland in the Fall 2013. The Northern Research Forum (NRF) holds an Open Assembly every two years. Each assembly focuses on a different theme of relevance to northerners and northern research. This year's Assembly theme is Climate Change in Northern Territories: Sharing Experiences and Exploring New Methods, Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts. One of the main objectives of the NRF is to promote the next generation of Arctic researchers by involving emerging scholars in leadership and by selecting a cohort of early career researchers to present their research projects and findings at the Open Assemblies. The aim is to engage early career researchers in dialogue with senior scientists and other professionals and experts as well as representatives of various stakeholder groups and the public. This grant will support the involvement of two early career scholars from the United States: Dr. Noor Jehan Johnson, a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University, and Amy Wiita, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. They will join more than 20 other Young Researchers from other Arctic nations, offering an opportunity for exchange of ideas and network building.