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Anna Willer


Short CV:
Academic staff in the division of Geomagnetism at DTU Space (since 2013).
Working in a small team with my two colleagues Lars W. Pedersen and Thom R. Edwards. We monitor the Earth's magnetic field in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark:
• Geomagnetic observatories, INTERMAGNET standards, quality control, calibration and distribution of data from three observatories: Qaanaaq (THL), Qeqertarsuaq (GDH) and Narsarsuaq (NAQ).
• Monitoring 17 magnetometer variometer stations in Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark.
• Field work: declination, inclination and/or total field measurements in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.
• Contact for World Data Center Geomagnetism, Copenhagen
• Project MAG-SWE-DAN: 10 new variometer stations in auroral and subauroral regions in Sweden, Denmark and Greenland, cooperation with Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), partly funded by ESA Space Safety Programme.