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Marianne Vestergaard


2009–  National Geological Survey of Denmark og Greenland (GEUS)
Logistics co-ordinator (fieldwork Greenland)
and Information officer, Department of Petrology and Economic Geology
2008–2010 IBIS (NGO)                                Freelance editor
2000–2009 FADL’s Forlag A/S                  Editor
1984–2000 SOS International A/S         Assistance co-ordinator (part time and full time)

Primary tasks GEUS
• Planning of safety courses prior to fieldwork
• Paperwork management prior to fieldwork: contracts, daily allowances, allowance for private equipment and more
• Updating and editing of safety field guide
• Providing information on rights and responsibilities  for fieldwork participants
• Yearly evaluation of fieldwork safety afspects
• Assisting GEUS expeditions in Greenland (logistics, communication and co-ordination)
• Communication with Greenlandic authorities
• Editor of Isaaffik – Arctic Gateway (Logistics co-ordinator) for GEUS
• QC + editing of GEUS reports and GEUS news within Department of Petrology and Economic Geology.
• QC + editing for Center for Minerals and Raw Materials (MiMa)

Recent courses
2015               Skriv bedre tekster, Danmarks medie og jounalisthøjskole, DMJX
2014               Korrekturlæseruddannelsen (professional proofreading), AROS Kurser
2010+2014   EU-udbud for ikke-jurister, Nohr-Con
2013               WordPress Basic, SoftWorld
2013               Project leader course (PL1/PL2) Mannaz
2011–2012   Certified Integrative Coach Professional, The Ford Institute
2011                Webredaktør i verdensklasse, Danmarks medie og jounalisthøjskole, DMJX
1997  Cand.mag. University of Copenhagen
1988  Teacher, Holte Børnehave Seminarium
1982  High School (social sciences/Modern languages), Sorø Akademis Skole