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Jacob Taarup-Esbensen


2014 – 2017 Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
My project is investigating community risk management practices within multinational companies active in the mining sector of Armenia. The aim of the project is to learn how these types of risks are mitigated and take lessons to other industries like infrastructure or renewable energy projects.

Lecturing on the subjects of Risk, Organisational Communication, International Business, Globalisation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional theory. As well as lectures on methods and methodology within Social Science.

2012 – ErhvervsAkademi Sjælland / Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT)
Adjunct/Assistant Professor
Lecturing on the subjects of methods, communication, organisation and business development to students studying Marketing and International Business. Responsible for the development of curriculum including courses on Personal leadership, Quality management, Risk Management, Marketing Communication, Organisational Communication, Branding, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

2010 – Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
External Lecturer
Lecture on Business Language and Cultural studies as well as Business Administration and Organisational Communication programs. Lecturing in the academic fields of Communication, Organisational theory, Diversity, Stakeholder Engagement and Organisational Branding and Identity and Culture studies. Academic supervisor on Sustainability, Communication, Diversity and Organisational development related projects.

2005 – 2013 Identitas
Management Consultant

Consulting companies and organisations within the fields of Communication, Organisational development, Quality and Risk management, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

2000-2005 DHL Aviation
Operations Manager

Primarily responsible for all DHL’s Export from Nordics and Baltic to the rest of the world. Manager for 5 Sub-departmental supervisors and two program specialists. Management of departmental budget of 4 M Euro and approximately 100 staff.

1995 – 2000 DHL Aviation Copenhagen and Europe

Performing various roles ranging from supervisor to project management and specialist tasks.

Education (University level)

2014 - 2017 Copenhagen Business School
Ph.D. in International Business and Risk management
Community risk management in emerging markets within renewable energy and mining sectors.

2008- 2010 Copenhagen Business School
MSc Business Administration and Organizational Communication.
 Minor degree in Corporate Social Responsibility.

2000 - 2002 Copenhagen Business College Niels Brock
Diploma Business Management

Country experience

Short Missions (Up to one month per stay)

United Kingdom

Long Missions (Longer than one month per stay)

Danish (Native)
English (Fluent)
German (Speak/Understand)
Swedish (Speak/Understand)
Norwegian (Understand)

Professional Memberships

 Member of the UArctic network
 State authorised examiner in International Transport and logistics, Communication and dissemination as well as International trade and marketing.

 PhD-representative and Vice-Chair of the Organisation Management Phd-School at Copenhagen Business School
 Member of the board at the Institute of Culture and Management at Copenhagen Business School
 2005 – 2010 Board Member Founding member of the board at Copenhagen Business School Entrepreneurial Association - Stardust. Current the Alumni representative.
 2011-2013 Chair of LEV (local NGO working for the rights of the mentally handicapped).

Teaching and Dissemination

Full courses
 Globalisation and Localisation, Cand.Merc.(kom), 160 students, CBS,
 Globalization and Organisations, MSc (BLC), 30 students, CBS
 Globalisations studies, BSc (BLC), CBS, 140 students (Course coordinator)

Teaching centres on the role of business, specifically the multinational corporation and its interaction with society both on a global and local scale.

 Communication theory, HA(Kom.), CBS, 140 students (1 year course/30 ECTS)

The first semester teaching centres on basic communication theories and perspectives and the second semester focuses on organisational communication.

 Leadership, Organisations and Communication, Marketing management and Bachelor in Leisure management, 30 students, EASJ
 Marketing communication, Marketing management, 30 students, EASJ
 Branding, Bachelor in Leisure management, 30 students, EASJ
 Strategy, organisations and logistics, Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing, 30 students, EASJ

Case-based teaching focusing on applied practical skills.

 Method and Methodology, Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing, EASJ (Course coordinator)

Teaching focused on providing students with basic concepts within philosophy of science paradigms as well as use of quantitative and qualitative methods commonly used within marketing.

Guest lectures (Titles)
 Internationalisation of Danish knowledge intensive SME in region Zealand, EASJ
 Mining MNE community risk management practice, VL-døgnet, CBS
 Doing Business in Emerging Markets, EASJ
 MNE Community risk management strategies, University of Western Australia
 Community Risk Management - Multinational Strategies in Armenian Mining, Agarian University of Armenia
 Risk Management Strategies in Emerging Markets – An Institutional perspective on legitimacy and uncertainty, CBS
 Risk Management Strategies in Emerging Markets, EASJ
 Ikke i min baghave, Danish science festival

Personal details

 Born in Copenhagen 1971
 Nationality: Danish.
 Married to Ditte
 Two Children Silas 19 years. Noah 17 years.


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Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob & Movsisyan, Suren (2017) “Corporate management of community risks - Experiences from MNEs in Armenian mining” International Journal of Business and Globalisation (In review)
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Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob, (2014) “From CSR to Social risk management –
Impact of strong and weak ties in Armenian mining MNCs”, European Scientific Journal, Vol.2: 1-9. (Peer reviewed)

Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob & Nordlund, Anja (2012) ”Beyond mainstream investment strategies: A case study on Tajikistan”, Book chapter
Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob and Porbunderwala, Kersi (2011) “The Charter”, Whitepaper on anti -Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (Report)

Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob (2010) “Køn bør bruges strategisk” Kronik, Politiken 09/09/2010. (Opinion)

Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob (2010) “Engendered CSR – Building Competitive Advantage”, Copenhagen Business School, (Master Thesis)

Taarup-Esbensen, Jacob (2009) “CSR strategy - Responsibility beyond the sphere of control!”, (Working paper)