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Jørgen Peder Steffensen


Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Danish National, born in 1957.
cand. scient. 1985. PhD 1995.
2001: Assoc. prof. at the Niels Bohr Institute.
2016: Professor at Niels Bohr Institute. Ice core curator of the University of Copenhagen ice core repository.

Science: Stratigraphic analysis of ice cores. Ice core chemistry. Ice core dating. Palaeoclimatic interpretations of ice cores. Microparticles in ice cores. Volcanism from tephra layers in ice cores. DNA studies in ice cores.

Field work: Has participated in 30 expeditions on Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets since 1980 in the following ice core drilling projects: Dye-3 (1980-1983), GRIP (1989-1992) , NGRIP (1996-2004), NEEM (2007-2012), Blue Lake (1988), HansTausen (1995), Flade Isblink (2006), EPICA Dome C (1998/99, Antarctica), Aurora Basin (2013/14, Antarctica), EGRIP (2015-2020).

Logistics: Field leader of expeditions since 1989. Logistics coordinator of NGRIP (2003, 2004), NEEM (2007 - 2012), Flade Isblink (2006) and EGRIP (2015-2020). Field Operations Manager in Kangerlussuaq (1989 - 2017).