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Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen


Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen CV
Date of Birth: February 13, 1958, Sex: Male, Nationality: Danish
Current position: Research Leader for regional climate at the Research and Development at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)
Adjunct Professor, the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Professional background:
2017 - Professor in climate physics, the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
2015 - 2017: Leading Scientist (Forskningsleder), Research and Development Dept.; DMI
2014 - 2017: Adjunct Professor in climate physics, the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
2009 - 2015: Director, Centre for Regional change in the Earth System (CRES)
2006 - 2014: Research Manager (Forskningleder), Danish Climate Centre; DMI
1995 - 2005: Senior Scientis/Advisor at the Danish Climate Centre; DMI
1990 - 1995: Research associate DMI; 1991 & 1992: Visiting Scientist, Meteo France
1990: PhD degree (lic.scient.), Univ. of Copenhagen; 1986: MSc degree, Univ. of Copenhagen

Advisor or co-advisor (DMI was not related to any university) to 15 students for MSc degree and 10 students for PhD degrees.

Awards and memberships of scientific academies:
Contribution to the award of the Nobel Pease Prize for 2007 to the IPCC; Share in ERC Synergy grant ice2ice 2014 – 2019

Key international and national appointments:
2010-2014: Coordinating Lead Author IPCC AR5; 2009-2011: Lead Author on the AMAP SWIPA report; 2004-2007: Coordinating Lead Author IPCC AR4; 1998-2001: Lead Author IPCC TAR; 2001-2007: Chairman of the Danish Meteorological Society

More than 100 peer reviewed papers in journals and academic books, Citations ISI: 5519, H-index: 36 (not incl. IPCC publications)

Regular reviewer for funding agencies in USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Czech republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Norway, EU and South Africa; Regular reviewer for Nature, Science and leading specialist journals; Regular consultant for promotions and tenure; 2012 – present: Member of Scientific Advisory Panel for AGRHYMET, Niger; 2013 – present: Member of the SAB for ‘Canadian Network for Regional Climate and Weather processes’; 2013- present: Member of the SAC of the Bjerknes Centre at the University in Bergen, Norway; 2014 – 2018 Member of the Program Board of the ‘Polar Research programme (POLARPROG)’, the Research Council of Norway; 2015 – 2017 Member of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee, WMO, Geneva.

Project co-ordination:
Ex-Director (coordinator) of Centre for Regional change in the Earth System (CRES), funded by the Danish Research Council for Strategic Research, 2009-2015; Coordinator or Principal scientist in numerous externally funded projects, primarily through Danish, Nordic or EU funding (coordinator of the PRUDENCE project, EU FP5 2001-2004).

Key qualifications and relevant skills
For 10 years I was the leading scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, maniging climate science. I coordinated the European FP5 project on regional climate change using multiple RCMs with a European focus with 21 partners, PRUDENCE (2001-2004). I have been the PI in several large EU FP consortiums, including ENSEMBLES, WATCH and IMPRESSIONS, which were all projects with a strong interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary component. I directed the multi-disciplinary Centre for Regional Change in the Earth System (CRES; 2009-2015). Alongside this; I was co-PI on the project Appui à l’Adaptation au Changement Climatique en Afrique de l’Ouest par l’Amélioration de l’Information Climatique; Demandeur AGRHYMET, Niamey, Niger (2012-2015) funded by Danida. With colleagues at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Bergen, I have received acknowledgement and financial support from an ERC-Synergy grant for the project Ice2Ice, which aims at understanding the role of sea-ice in rapid climate change during the last ice age. I participated in several Assessment Report of the IPCC, as a lead or coordinating lead author. I have several papers as first author, but in recent years, I have published substantially with co-workers, PhD students and post docs. I am frequently cited in Danish media and have often appeared in radio and television programs.
Key publications from the last 10 years
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