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Jordi Cristóbal Rosselló


I am currently an Atmospheric Scientist at Asiaq-Greenland Survey and I have previously worked as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and as a Lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

My main area of research focuses on the numerical modelling of global processes using climate GIS-based and airborne and satellite multispectral and hyperspectral Remote Sensing data to analyse the effects of global change on the water cycle and its impacts on the landscape, on Mediterranean, boreal and Arctic ecosystems. My interdisciplinary research experience spans a broad range of areas in quantitative remote sensing and in developing or improving methodologies for quantitative retrievals of biophysical variables and numerical modelling of global processes such as surface energy fluxes. In parallel, I have focused on vegetation phenology/species mapping and monitoring, drought assessment, biomass estimation, and snow-cover mapping. Later, I have also focused on runoff modelling on Arctic catchments combining semi-distributed models and Remote Sensing-based evapotranspiration. Besides satellite data processing and modelling, I have extensive experience in field data collection for satellite data calibration and validation. The equipment I use for such data collection ranges from simple clinometers and PAR-ceptometers, to sophisticated and state-of-the-art eddy-covariance systems, field spectroradiometers or hyperspectral field cameras. I have set-up, installed, and maintained equipment (including frequently climbing 24m tall towers!) in intense field observation sites in Spain and Alaska.

I have a wide-range of teaching experiences including lecturer, assistant lecturer, guest lecturer and mentor at the Department of Geography and Unit of Botany of the UAB and at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at UAF. My main teaching has been focused on Geosciences and Geography, especially in Remote Sensing and GIS, as well as in Botany, Biogeography and Environmental Analysis. In terms of teaching, I’ve given more than 1900 lecture hours in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in four different graduate and postgraduate degrees at five Universities and I have also been the scientific coordinator of a MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing in several occasions.