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Lene Kielsen Holm


After receiving her master’s degree from Ilisimatusarfik, Lene Kielsen Holm was secretary for the Minister for Housing and Infrastructure at the Homerule Government in Greenland. In 2003 she became special assistant within Inuit Circumpolar Council, ICCGreenland, where she was until February 2012. Within all her time with ICC-Greenland Lene Kielsen Holm has dealt with Environmental and Sustainable Development Issues. The primary task has been to follow the work being done within the Arctic Council, an International body, with the membership of the eight Arctic States situated in the Arctic Region, working mainly on Environmental and Sustainable Development Issues. Within the work of the Arctic Council Lene K. Holm has participated in several research projects, as a member of the International Steering Committee, in the Sustainable Development Working Group projects, respectively: ‘Women’s Participation in Decision-Making Processes in Arctic Fisheries Resource Management’, 2004 and ’Women and Natural Resource Management in the Rural North’, 2006. Lene K. Holm has been following the different forums where the management of the living resources of the arctic is the issue, e.g. The International Whaling Commission and The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission. In 2005 Lene Kielsen Holm started Sila-Inuk, an interview project that ICC, together with KNAPK, the Greenlandic Association of Fishermen and Hunters has been running. The project went to both South- and North Greenland to interview hunters, fishermen sheep-farmers and other knowledgeable persons about their perception on a changing environment, with special interest of Climate Change. With Sila-Inuk Lene has been working on several international projects in relation to Indigenous perspectives and observations of Climate Change. One of them is ’SIKU: Knowing Our Ice’. Documenting Inuit Sea-Ice Knowledge and Use. This was an IPY project, 2007-2009, and the outcome of it was published in 2010. ‘Polar Bears in Northwest Greenland. An Interview Survey about the Catch and the Climate’, is another work that Lene has been partner in. Siku-Inuit-Hila is an International and Interdisciplinary work that Lene Kielsen Holm is involved in. She has been the Greenlandic coordinator for this project, where hunters from Alaska Canada and Qaanaaq, together with researchers in multiple fields has been brought together in the different regions of the Inuit countries, to exchange knowledge on primarily Sea-Ice and life with it. A book from this project has been published and the title of the book is: The Meaning of Ice. Lene Kielsen Holm has been invited as panellist and speaker at several international conferences, that has been dealing with sustainable development, resource management, traditional knowledge and indigenous peoples issues.
Today and since January 2012 Lene Kielsen Holm has been employed as Researcher and Project leader, at the Greenland Climate Research Centre, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, in Nuuk.