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Debbie Armstrong


Curriculum Vitae

Debbie Armstrong
247 Lockwood Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3N 1S1
(204) 292-8635

Academic Background

1996 Master of Science, University of Manitoba
Thesis: "Nucleophilic Addition to Oligomeric Arene Complex Cations"

1994 Bachelor of Science, University of Winnipeg
Chemistry 4-year degree

Previous Employment

University of Manitoba

2017 Course instructor for ENVR2550 Course. Preparation of lectures, course material, assignments and exams.

2005-present Lab instructor for CHEM/ENVR2550 Course. I run second year labs demonstrating various introductory environmental laboratory techniques and concepts. Supervision of a lab teaching assistant.

2005-present Technician 6 under the supervision of Dr. F. Wang. I manage the UCTEL (ultra clean trace element laboratory) and PILMS (portable insitu laboratory for mercury speciation), I analyze samples from outside interest groups as well as from within the university. I instruct graduate and summer students in our analysis techniques and I am the Instructor for the environmental chemistry labs. I prepare students (graduate and undergraduate) for the field seasons and participate in many field campaigns.
2003-2013 Sessional lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba. In 2003 I taught the spring session of 090, Prep Chem and I have been lecturing the ACCESS section of 1300 and 1310 since 2004. I am responsible for preparing and executing lectures, setting tests and exams.

Government of Canada

1996, Research consultant with Fisheries and Oceans under
2000-2005 Dr. Gary Stern and Dr. Gregg Tomy in the area of environmental chemistry. These projects concentrate on contaminant dispersion such as PCBs and pesticide dispersion in Manitoba and the Arctic. The most recent sampling trip was four weeks in 2002 on the Coast Guard ship, Nameo, which covered all of Lake Winnipeg. I collected and prepared for the collection of water, air, fish, zooplankton and soil samples in various regions of Manitoba. Extraction and purification of contaminant related compounds followed. Analysis and identification was determined using GC-MSD and ECD techniques. I was also responsible for managing analysis projects, client relations and the development of databases.

1999 Term laboratory employment with Agriculture/Agrifood Canada under Dr. M. Jordan. I was responsible for growth and extraction of plant DNA, purification, PCR amplification, sequencing, mapping, and primer design and construction, data organization and format design for Barley studies. These markers were used for construction of a genetic map used for further breeding control. Within the large research group, coordination skills of chemical and equipment use are necessary on a daily basis. Assisted in the supervision of other personal.


1998-2000 PCR Technician at Northern Bioidentification Service Ltd. DNA extraction and handling of human blood samples, which are manipulated genetically through amplification to determine the probability of paternity. We were also involved in registration of elk and swine genotyping projects where we were determining marker sets and allelic trait databases. Beyond experimental work, my duties included the production of confidential reports containing the results of evaluation. I managed the projects with clients and governmental labs, and I was responsible for quality control testing. Population studies of black bears and their migration routes is an example of the contracting work this lab was involved in.

2002-2003 Contract writer for Technologies for Learning Group (TLG). I have been involved in a number of projects such as the content development and the writing of a Diabetes handbook for Aboriginal people in Canada. I have also worked on developing a career planning manual for Aboriginal youth in remote areas of Canada. We focused on careers in the environmental industries that are accessible in remote areas.

University of Winnipeg

1994-6 Lab Instructor for introductory, organic and inorganic chemistry courses. Duties entailed the preparation of chemicals, introduction to the concepts that were focused on, explanation of new techniques, the instruction of tutorial sessions, and the grading of labs. I was also responsible for the training of advanced students to aid instructors during tutorial periods.

1995-6 Marking and compilation of student files for introductory chemistry course assignments, term and final exams.

1994 Summer research assistant under Dr. A. S. Abd-El-Aziz in the area of Organic/Organometallic chemistry. I supervised and trained undergraduate students as well as assisted international research associates. I held group meetings to discuss current research and promoted problem solving with results and/or discussion of problems they encountered in their projects.

Health Science Center

1993 Summer research assistant with Dr. P. Cattini in the area of molecular
1996 biology/physiology. I was involved in hormone level studies on human placenta and the effects of thyroid based treatments. I was also responsible for the tissue culture of the lab.


200 and 500 MHz NMR Spectrometers, FT-IR, Mass Spectroscopy (MSD), Chromatography: GC, ECD, HPLC, GPC, UV, Electrochemistry, 310 ABI Genetic Sequencer, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, Fluorimetry, CVAFS, general computing and graphing skills.