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Anne Merrild Hansen


CV, Anne Merrild Hansen

Professor in Social Science within the field of Oil and Gas
Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland


Associate Professor in Environmental Assessment and the Arctic
The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment
Department of Planning, Aalborg University

Research areas:
- Extractive industries and development in the Arctic.
- Social and environmental impact assessment and protection plans.
- Implementation of large-scale industry projects and ventures for social and environmental performance.

Employment history:
2016 - Present Professor in Social Science, Ilisimatusarfik
2012 - present Associate Professor in Environmental Assessment and the Arctic, Aalborg University
2010 - 2014 External lecturer at Ilisimatusarfik
2011 - 2014 Greenland Environmental and Social Advisor, Maersk Oil
2010 - 2012 Postdoc at DCEA, Aalborg University
2007 - 2010 Ph.D. fellow at Institute for Development and Planning, Aalborg University
2005 - 2007 Head of dep. of business and labor, Qaqortoq Municipality, Greenland
2002 - 2005 Planner at the technical department, Qaqortoq Municipality, Greenland

2012 Professional postgraduate teacher training, Aalborg University
2011 Phd, Strategic environmental assessment, Aalborg University
2002 MSc Engineering, Environmental Management, Aalborg University
1994 Kujataani Iliniartunngorniarfik (Gymnasium of South Greenland), Qaqortoq
1991 Public School in Narsaq, South Greenland

2015-2016 Co-Investigator: Arctic Health and Infrastructure Team, Development of a new Arctic Health Model, Fulbright Arctic Initiative.
2014 – 2017 Co-Investigator: Regional Development Team, Adaptation Action for a Changing Arctic (AACA), Arctic Council.
2014 – 2016 Principal Investigator: Benchmarking environmental assessment legislation related to offshore oil activities in Arctic.
2014 - 2015 Principal Investigator: Environmental Assessment and Social Impacts, case studies of three conflict-ridden energy projects in Denmark.
2012-2013 Coordinator of corporate collaboration project: Social Baseline Study in Baffin Bay, Greenland, on behalf of the operating oil companies, Maersk Oil, ConocoPhillips, Shell and Cairn Energy.
2012-2013 Co-Investigator: Imagining the future of Greenland. The project was undertaken in corporation with the Government of Greenland’s Portfolio Secretariat and Ilisimatusarfik.
2011- 2012 Postdoc and principal investigator: The Rise of oil industry and subsequent development of environmental strategies in supplier networks in Greenland.
2007-2010 Own PhD project: Power and effectiveness in Strategic Environmental Assessment -A case study of Aluminium Production in Greenland. Supported by Alcoa Foundation.

Honors and Awards:
2015 Awarded one out of seventeen Fulbright Arctic Initiative Grants during US Arctic Chairmanship in Arctic Council.
2014 Aalborg University Expert appointed by Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University.
2011 Award for Excellent Project Management, by Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean at the Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University.
2005 Business Advisor of the Year, Appointed by Greenland Tourism and Business Council.