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Andreas Brogaard Buhl


I am head of the Ecology and Environment Department at DHI and I am the focal point for DHI activities in the Arctic. I am a marine biologist by profession. I have lived some years in Ivittuut-Grønnedal on the Arsuk fjord and travelled extensively around Greenland in connection with various projects.

DHI has been working in the Arctic for almost 50 years. DHI has been involved in most of the major projects around Greenland doing a wide range of marine and terrestrial surveys, including fjord modelling, assessment of marine discharges, heavy metals, ecotoxicology, mine water investigations etc.

DHI is an independent, international consulting and research organization with headquarter in Denmark, established in 1963. We are more than 1100 employees worldwide in 30 countries. Our objectives are to advance technological development and competence within the fields of water, environment and health. DHI possesses a body of experience and an array of advanced problem solving tools, which are unsurpassed worldwide. We support project owners, developers, designers, contractors, consultants and authorities.