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Dr. Herber


Dr. Andreas Herber is a senior scientist and works in AWI’s Climate Research Department, section of Polar Meteorologie. He has longstanding experience in the performance of aircraft in the Arctic as well as in aircraft studies on atmospheric processes and aerosols in the Arctic. Dr. Herber has been working in the Arctic for more than 25 years with a focus on the radiative effect of Arctic aerosols and with a special focus on Black Carbon since 2009. Within his scientific activity, he stayed at NASA Langley Research Center Hampton and at NIPR Tokyo for several months. He was responsible
for the purchase and the operational launch of the AWI aircraft Polar 5 and is involved in AWI’s scientific coordination of the airborne operation of the Alfred Wegener Institute. He is the leader of the German-Canadian PAMARMIP project (Polar Airborne Measurements and Regional Climate Model Simulation Project, since 2009), and he has been a member of the expert group on short-lived climate forcers and ozone within the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) since
2013 as well as a co-author of their latest Assessment Report. He is Member of the MOSAiC Project Board, PI for Cross Cutting activity: aircraft operation.