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Master of Arts in Arctic and Northern Studies with a specialization in Transboundary Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK (2014-2016)
International Law with a specialization in EU Accession Law, American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2013-2014)
Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a specialization in Geographic Information Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC (2010-2014) Minor, City and Regional Planning Minor, Social and Economic Justice

Program Coordinator, International Arctic Research Center - Fairbanks, AK (09/2018- Present)
ORISE Fellow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency— Corvallis, OR (11/2016- 09/2018)
Resource Development Assistant, Bean’s Café—Anchorage, AK (06/2016-09/2016)
Research Assistant, University of Alaska Fairbanks—Fairbanks, AK (8/2015-5/2016)
Coordinator, Balkans Peace Park Project—Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro (2012- 2017)
Researcher, National Park Service’s Shared Beringia Heritage Program—Anchorage, AK (5/2015- 7/2015)
Fellow, Resilience and Adaption Program—Fairbanks, AK (9/2014-5/2016)
Research Intern, Zašto Ne!—Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (9/2013-5/2014)
Staff, Campfire Rural Development– Kongiganak and Tuntutuliak, AK (5/2013-8/2013)
Research Assistant, Climate & Tree Ring Environmental Sciences—Chapel Hill, NC (1/2013-5/2013)
Tutor, Learning Center—Chapel Hill, NC (8/2012-5/2013)
Staff, Campfire—Cooper Landing, AK (5/2011-8/2011)

Research Grant – NSF EPSCOR— $6,000 (2015, 2016)
Thesis Completion Fellowship—University of Alaska Fairbanks – $7,500 (2016)
Resilience and Adaptation Fellowship—NSF-IGERT – $24,000 (2014)
Grant – Davis Projects for Peace – $10,000 (2014)
Innovative Use of GIS – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013)
Buckeley Public Service Scholar – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013)
Carolina Research Scholar – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2012)
Academic Scholarship— Croatian Fraternal Union - $1000 (2012)
Service Above Self: Good Citizenship Scholarship – Rotary - $2500 (2010)

Aho, K.*, Leibowitz, S., LaCroix, M., and J. Flotemersch. 8 November 2017. Assessing
Watershed Integrity in the Matanuska-Susitna River Basin. Mat-Su Salmon
Science and Conservation Symposium, Palmer, Alaska.
Aho, K.*, Cox, C. and J. Flotemersch. June 2017. Creating and Managing Watershed
Stewardship Programs. Watershed Workshop: Building Local Community
Resilience for the Sustainable Development of Watershed in South Eastern
Europe. Zlatibor, Serbia.
Aho, K.*, Cairns, M.*, Cox, C.*, Flotemersch, J.*, and J. Zambrana*. 15 March 2017.
CRESSIDA Update. Briefing to Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta.
Aho, K.* Social Properties of Marine Mammal Management Across the Bering Strait.
February 2017. Guest Lecturer. U.S. EPA Western Ecology Division.
Aho, K.* From Policy to Implementation in the Arctic: Protected Area Networks as Tools
for Conservation and Adaptation to Transformational Change. September 2016.
Workshop Facilitator. IUCN World Conservation Conference.
Aho, K.* Chasing Ice- Speeding Up Polar Conservation Before It’s Too Late. September
2016. Panelist. IUCN World Conservation Conference
Aho, K.* Cross-scale Co-management Success in the Bering Strait Region. August 2016.
Oral Presentation. The Arctic Council’s Ecosystem Approach to Management.
Cost, D.*, Lovecraft, A.*, & K. Aho*. Northern Alaska Scenario Planning: Arctic Future
Makers. February 2016. Kotzebue, Alaska. Workshop Facilitator.
Aho, K.* “Human Security and Indigenous Issues in the Arctic”. February 2016. Guest
Lecturer. PS652 International Relations of the North at the University of Alaska
Gjeta, Z.*, Woodward, S.* & K. Aho*. Tourism and Sustainable Development in
International Parks: Common Challenges. August 2015. Oral Presentation.
Aho, K.* Role and Value of Transboundary Relations in the Western Balkans. July 2015.
Public Lecture. National Library of Kosovo.
Aho, K.* The Western Balkans: Sarajevo during the 2014 Unrest. February 2015. Public
Lecture. University of Alaska.
Aho, K.*, Curry, T.*, & J. Chamberlain*. Integrative Assessment and Adaptive Management: UAF Energy Perceptions and Values. April 2015. University of
Alaska Fairbanks.

Aho, K., Flotemersch, J., Johnson, Z., Weber, M., Hill, R., and S. Leibowitz. (In review)
Applying the Index of Watershed Integrity to the Transboundary Basins of the
Western Balkans.
Aho, K., Robards, M., & E. Zdor. (In prep.) Development and Loss of Indigenous
Organizations Representing Chukotka Marine Mammal Hunters, and their
relationship with Alaska Partners.
Shattuck, S., Aho, K., Cox, C., Cairns, M. and J. Flotemersch. (In review) Integrating
social value assessment via citizen science in the management of U.S. waters.
Aho, K. 2016. Transboundary Agreement: Case Studies of Marine Mammal Management
in the Bering Strait. University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Aho, K. 2014. Multilateral Dialogue in the Prokletije/ Bjeshkët e Namuna (Accursed
Mountains). Davis Projects for Peace, print.
Aho, K. 2013. “Trapped on your side: the effects of political boundaries and passports in
Kosovo”. Passport 8.2 (Fall 2013). University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,