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Anne de Vernal


Anne de Vernal
Professor in the Earth and atmospheric science department & Institutional Research Chair on the climate and evolution of the Arctic at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Education - 1986: PhD in physical geography, Université de Montréal, Canada

Spring 2016 VELUX professor fellowship, Aarhus University, Denmark
2010 Invited professor, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
2005 Invited professor, Université Bordeaux I
2001- Invited researcher, CNRS-France, Université Aix-Marseille III
2000- Invited professor, U. of Salamanca, Spain
1994- Professor/category IV since 2002, UQAM
1987-1994 Research associate, UQAM

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada – Academy of Science (2013)
Michel Jurdant Prize – Association Canadienne Française pour l’avancement des Sciences (2011)
Michael J. Keen Medal – Marine Geoscience Division, Geological Association of Canada (2006)
Outstanding professional achievement award, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Université de Montréal (2005)
Prize of Excellence in Research, network of the Universités du Québec (1996)
Research Fellowship, NSERC-Canada (1987-1992)

Canadian speaker of ArcTrain (2013-2019)
Strategic UQAM Chair on the Climate and Evolution of the Arctic from Past to Future (2014-2017).
Council of the European Consortium of Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD; 2008-2016; Chair in 2011-2012)
Chair of the Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling (CCOD; 2008-2016)
Director of the research network in isotopic geochemistry and geodynamics (GEOTOP; 2006-2012)
Director of the PhD program in environment, UQAM (2002-2003)
Scientific steering committees
Working Groups of Past Global Change (PAGES): Climate Variability Across Scales (CVAS; 2016-2019); Quaternary Interglacials (QUIGS; 2015-2018); Sea Ice Proxy (SIP; 2011-2014)
Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal Gateways (PAST Gateways) network of the ‘International Arctic Science Committee’ (IASC)(2011-2016)

Training: Supervision/co-supervision of 13 PDFs, 18 PhD students, 45 MSc students
Expeditions at sea: 13 expeditions in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

The 5 most important publications:

de Vernal, A., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Rochon, A., Fréchette, B., Henry, M., Solignac, S., Bonnet, S. (2013) Dinocyst-based reconstructions of sea ice cover concentration during the Holocene in the Arctic Ocean, the northern North Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent seas. Quaternary Science Reviews, 79: 111-121.
de Vernal, A., Hillaire-Marcel, C. (2008) Natural Variability of Greenland Climate, Vegetation and Ice Volume during the Last Million Years. Science, 320, 1622-1625.
de Vernal, A., Hillaire-Marcel, C. (2006) Provincialism in trends and high frequency changes in the northwest North Atlantic during the Holocene, Global and Planetary Change, 54: 263-290.
de Vernal, A., Eynaud, F., Henry, M., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Londeix, L., Mangin, S., Matthiessen, J., Marret, F., Radi, T., Rochon, A., Solignac, S., Turon, J.-L. (2005) Reconstruction of sea-surface conditions at middle to high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) based on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24: 897-924.
Hillaire-Marcel, C., de Vernal, A., Bilodeau, G., Weaver, A.J. (2001) Absence of deep water formation in the Labrador Sea during the last interglacial period. Nature, 410: 1073-1077.

Publication summary : H index = 43; > 5000 citations (cf. Scopus)
170 articles; 7 monographs; 19 book chapters.