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United States Representation in the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC): 2015-2018


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This is a time of rapid changes in the Arctic and in our abilities to understand, predict, and respond to those changes. No one country is able to support the level of research necessary to keep pace with the changing arctic environment, and therefore organizations like the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) represent important platforms for discussing scientific issues and promoting international, interdisciplinary, and in some cases, large-scale projects in the region. This grant is to support the United States' participation in the International Arctic Science Committee, a nongovernmental international organization that encourages and facilitates cooperation in all aspects of arctic research, in all countries engaged in arctic research, and in all areas of the Arctic region. This grant will support the US delegate to the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) to participate on behalf of the US Arctic science community on the IASC Council, its Executive Committee, and at national arctic planning meetings; to improve communication of IASC activities to US arctic stakeholders and the research community; and to coordinate US working group membership. It will also support some travel for US representatives to working groups appointed through the US National Academies process, and assistance for US IASC working group activities. IASC is not a funding agency, but facilitates international science development through workshops, networks, planning meetings, and early-career science support. It promotes and facilitates international research activities with an emphasis on issues that cross national boundaries, disciplines and timescales. National support for US participation is essential to ensure the US maintains a role in planning and coordinating these research efforts in the international arena. As one of four Vice Presidents on the Executive Committee of IASC, the PI has direct involvement in IASC decision-making related to IASC programmatic direction and programmatic funding recommendations for international planning, as well as influence on decision-making to the benefit of US scientific interests in the Arctic. The US delegate's role is to convey the objectives and goals of the US scientific community within international planning efforts.