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(6 out of 6)
Itinerary Course start date Area Type of transport Status
Qaanaaq area to/from Inglefield Land, Northwest Greenland 03 Jun 2020 Greenland, North-West
Constable Point - Germania Land - Constable Point 01 Aug 2020 Greenland, North-East
South East Greenland - Reykjavik - Tasiilaq - Reykjavik 18 Aug 2020 Greenland, South-East Naval ship Closed
Nuuk-Ilulissat 06 Jul 2020 Greenland, Mid-West Research ship Open
West Greenland - To be decided 11 Aug 2020 Greenland, Mid-West Naval ship Open
North West Greenland - To be decided 14 Aug 2020 Greenland, North-West Naval ship Open