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Symposium on Indigenous Rights and Workshop on Collaboration and Comparative Research in the North Pacific


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This award to supports the travel expenses for 11 US based Arctic scholars to participate in a 3 day symposium/workshop that will take place from January 11-13th, 2014 at the National Museum of Ethnology, Senri Expo Park, Osaka, Japan. The main goals of the workshop are 1) to present current research on the status of indigenous rights in the North Pacific Region; 2) to facilitate discussions on collaborations and comparative research in the region; 3) to open a discussion on the creation of a North Pacific social science association that could facilitate scientific exchanges and scholarship in the region. The meeting strategy is to invite a set of scholars who cover a range of geographic, cultural and theoretical research areas and who have strong research experience working with indigenous communities; 4 of the scholars are indigenous people themselves. This workshop is a unique opportunity for building collaborations between the US and the Japanese social science community that will support research on the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim region is of great interest to arctic social science because of its long history of east/west connections (dating back over 14,000 years) combined with its rapidly changing social and cultural systems affected by pressures from globalizing economies to climate change. Rarely have US and Japanese social scientists collaborated on scholarship in what is a region of great mutual interest to each; this workshop will provide that opportunity.