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Sweden-US Workshop to Discuss Potential Joint-Arctic Research using the I/B Oden


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This is a workshop grant funding the travel for 15 U.S. researchers to travel to Sweden to discuss potential scientific collaborations using the Swedish icebreaker Oden. The Oden is based in Stockholm, Sweden. NSF was approached with an offer to consider a long-term agreement to make the Oden available for joint research cruises to the Arctic. With its icebreaking capabilities and long endurance, the Oden is a suitable platform for research in the eastern arctic. Because the U.S. icebreakers are located in the western arctic in Seattle, Washington, supporting NSF-funded projects in the eastern arctic with vessels from Europe is an efficient option. Jointly funded cruises allow for scientific collaboration and cost reduction for both sides. To consider whether there are areas for scientific collaboration and interest on the part of the U.S. research community to have the Oden available for arctic research, NSF is supporting U.S. participation in this workshop. This workshop is a first step toward getting input from the research community to discuss the types of research that would be enabled by making the Oden available as a research platform with some regularity. A workshop report will be published online and distributed through arctic research networks.