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"Ørnereden" (the Eagles Nest) is built in 1931 by the members of the Three-Year Expedition. The house is built of masonit plates on a timber construction made in Denmark. Their area is 66 sq.m (external measure). The roof and the side sheds are covered with tarboard. The walls consisted outwardly of two layers of hard masonit and inwardly of one layer of semi-hard masonit; the interspace between the outer and the inner layer was 12 cm, and the isolation is air. The floor consists of two layers of boards with an intermediate layer of insulite. The ceiling consists of masonit divided into fields by wooden ridges.

Through the years 1931-43 the Ella Ø Station [235] functioned partly as a main station for the Lauge Koch Expeditions and partly as headquarters for the local Danish government authorities. In August 1941 the North-East Greenland Sledge Patrol was established and Ella Ø became the headquarters of the middle of the three patrol groups.In the spring of 1943 the patrol had to evacuate the place and retreat to Scoresbysund.

During the years 1947-54 Ella Ø Station once again was permanently manned by the Lauge Koch Expeditions. After WWII the police authority was given to the station managers at Daneborg and Danmarkshavn. In 1950 this authority was placed at the newly established military sledge patrol, Operation Resolut, which in 1950-51 temporarily had its headquarters at Ella Ø. In 1951 the patrol moved its headquarters to Daneborg, but continued a seasonal manning of Ella Ø until 1963, whereafter the station was used only during the summer.

After the Lauge Koch Expeditions seized in the late 1950s Sirius took over the the Ella Ø Station. Sirius still use Ella Ø as summer base when supplying their travellers huts and depots in the large interconnected fiord complex between Hold with Hope in the north and Scoresby Land in the south. Thanks to good and continuous maintenance, in recent years mainly by Nanok, the Ella Ø station is still in excellent condition. It's a beautiful and unique house, and located in some of the most magnificent landscape in North-East Greenland.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Greenland government authorities has granted NANOK a land allocation (arealtildeling) to a specific area  (see image) of the Ella Ø station, including Ørnereden and Tolvmandbarakken. NANOK is therefore permitted to organize, maintain, and administer this area. The remaining part of the Ella Ø station is administered by the military authorities. As a consequence none equipment, material, provisions, cargo, containers, etc. should be moved to - or left in - this area without prior written permission from NANOK (e-mail: Visitors at Ella Ø are still welcome to visit and use Ørnereden.

Utilization and access

Ørnereden is open to all visitors all year round. However, access to the Ella Ø Station always requires permit from the military authorities. In case anyone want to use Ørnereden for accomodation, then they must bring along all food, provisions, and equipment for own use; and remove all food, provisions, leftovers and equipment before departure at the end of stay.

Ørnereden contains a living room, a kitchen-room, and seven rooms each with one bunkbed. Since Ørnereden traditionally is open and available to anyone, it's not possible to book the house or the rooms. However the following projects have informed Nanok, that they would like to utilize Ørnereden:

  • Period: 15MAR2021 - 25MAY2021 (10 persons): Søren Bredvig.


Have a Street View look inside Ørnereden.

Aage V. Jensens Fonde sponsor Nanok's work.