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New technology for marine biological and geophysical research in Greenland (BioGeoTech)


From DNA to 3D models of undersea landscapes – combining new technologies and research in Greenland to describe effects of long-term climate change on marine seabed environment and biodiversity in Greenland’s hotspot area. The unique hotspot area is Disko Bay with adjacent banks, located in central West Greenland. This project brings together biology, geophysics, geology, metagenomics and (paleo) ecology to deliver new data on seafloor habitats and biodiversity with special focus on cold-water corals; topography with underlying geological structures; and changes in marine paleoclimate and paleo DNA. We plan a 13-day cruise in the offshore Disko Bay for 6 researchers in summer 2021. The cruise will be focused on geophysical survey utilizing new multi-beam and sub-bottom profiler, and physical sampling using benthic sled (video imaging) and coring (sediment cores). The cruise will have two objectives: 1) technical – testing, calibrating and synchronizing new, hull-mounted geophysical equipment on board of the new offshore vessel, first such installment in Greenlandic ship. This part is an in-kind contribution of 10 nights of ship time from GINR. 2) Second objective is scientific, with an intent to create a comprehensive overview of seafloor bio habitats and geomorphology of the entire Disko Bay area. This part involves the in-kind survey extended with the additional 3 ship days (this application).

Start date
End date
Disko Bay, Greenland
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR)
Greenland Climate Research Centre
Type of transport
Research ship
Open seats, if any
Greenland, Mid-West