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Joint Greenland-US South Greenland hyperspectral survey


The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour and the US Department of State are co-funding a fixed-wing hyperspectral survey of ca 3000 sq km in southwest Greenland. The aim of the work is to generate new pre-competitive geoscience data that can be used to promote mineral exploration investment in Greenland and thereby contribute to building the exploration industry and generating jobs and opportunities for Greenlanders. After the data is processed and interpreted, it will be made available publically and free of charge. The study is focussed on the Gardar Province, a Mesoproterozoic alkaline igneous province that is prospective for rare earth elements and base metals. The survey will be flown with two fixed wing aircraft in the period July 14 - August 6 and will be supported by ground-based spectral calibration work carried out with boat and helicopter support by USGS geologists together with Asiaq and MMRL geologists immediately prior to the fixed-wing survey.

Start date
End date
June 29 - July 8 boat-supported ground-based hyperspectral calibration work, Narsarsuaq - Narsaq - Qassimiut. July 9-11 helicopter-supported hyperspectral calibration work, Narsarsuaq. July 12 - August 6, fixed-wing survey work, Narsarsuaq
Government of Greenland
Ministry of Mineral Resources
Type of transport
Civil fixed-wing aircraft
Greenland, South-West
Logistic coordinator
Government of Greenland