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International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA) - Knowledge to Action Planning Proposal (KAPP)


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Computer science & e-learning

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The IASOA web and data portal have been recognized as a key and evolving deliverable of the IASOA planning process. The "Data-at-a-Glance" portal, in particular, adds value above isolated efforts through acting as a single cross-site gateway to all shared IASOA data. There are currently over 180 links of this type in the "Data-at-a-Glance" portal of the website, with varying degrees of functionality, and limited standard metadata. Potentially transformative insights into long-term and pan-Arctic atmospheric trends reside in this archive waiting to be harvested. In response to the high priority placed on the IASOA web and data portal by the steering committee, and in recognition of the value of interoperable metadata standards for broader data harvesting and use, the PI will conduct a pilot project to enhance the IASOA data portal through application of shared ontologies, coordination with other Arctic atmospheric data archives, standardization of metadata, and outreach to user communities.