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Name Organization Country Latest Activity
Ada Pastor Aarhus University
Agneta Larsson Luleå university of technology Sweden 14.10.2017 at 17:30
Aili Lage Labansen Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources Greenland 14.03.2018 at 17:28
Alexandre Magno Anesio Aarhus University 08.07.2019 at 12:55
Alistair Everett Norsk Polarinstitutt Norway 17.01.2017 at 16:44
Allan Østerby Pedersen GEUS - GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND Danmark 28.11.2018 at 14:07
Allison Gaylord GIS Specialist United States 11.12.2018 at 02:33
Anders Anker Bjørk Natural History Museum of Denmark Danmark 03.11.2016 at 19:15
Anders Johannes Hansen University of Copenhagen 13.12.2018 at 21:38
Anders Johansen Arktisk Kommando Grønland 24.01.2017 at 12:51
Anders Koch Statens Serum Institut Denmark
Anders Mosbech Arctic Research Centre Denmark 09.03.2015 at 14:35
Anders Svensson Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Denmark 09.06.2017 at 20:02
Andreas Brogaard Buhl Chief Consultant, Sustainability, Environment, Water, and Climate Change Denmark 24.04.2020 at 10:29
Andreas Muenchow University of Delaware USA 17.12.2018 at 15:12
Andreas P. Ahlstrøm Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 10.04.2019 at 11:40
Andreas Rehn MSc Master student Sweden 28.10.2018 at 14:55
Andreas Stokholm DTU Space 14.11.2018 at 13:05
Andreas Vieli University of Zurich
Anika Pinzner University of Copenhagen Denmark 21.09.2018 at 21:52
Anna Sanchez Vidal University of Barcelona
Anna Willer DTU Space Denmark 12.01.2020 at 08:37
Anna-Sofie Skjervedal Municipality of Sermersooq 03.06.2020 at 14:17
Anne de Vernal Université du Québec à Montréal Canada
Anne Merrild Hansen Professor Greenland 24.05.2018 at 15:26
Anngelica Kristoferqvist Arcum 29.05.2019 at 13:06
Arctic Fox Centre Arctic Fox Cenrte IS 30.08.2018 at 12:23
Ashley Soloway Centre for Earth Observation Science Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:24
Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen Aalborg University Denmark 16.11.2018 at 14:08
Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann Ilisimatusarfik Greenland 28.02.2018 at 18:22
B.J. (BaoJuan) Hua IMAU
Barbara Johnson University of Alaska Fairbanks
Barbara Olga Horyn Universtity of Iceland
Benjamin C Wilkins Polar Logistics Group ApS Denmark 26.03.2018 at 09:15
Benjamin Harting Alfred-Wegener-Institute - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar und Meeresforschung Germany 11.05.2018 at 14:34
Bent Olsvig Jensen Xploration Services Greenland A/S Greenland 21.02.2019 at 18:04
Bianca British Antarctic Survey 03.10.2019 at 12:41
Birger Ulf Hansen ign
Birgitte Andersen Technical University of Denmark Denmark 31.03.2016 at 16:59
Bjarne Grønnow research professor Denmark 29.05.2019 at 15:48
Björn Erlingsson University Center of the Westfjords
Björn Henning Heincke Geus 07.06.2019 at 12:49
Bo Gregersen US Embassy Copenhagen Denmark 20.11.2017 at 14:39
Bo Lundgren DTU Aqua Denmark 20.04.2017 at 11:18
Bo Naamansen Asiaq - Greenland Survey Greenland
Bolethe Olsen Ililismatusarfik, Library Greenland 31.08.2017 at 14:19
Bonnie Jensen Ilisimatusarfik Greenland 30.09.2018 at 16:36
Brian Buma University of Colorado, Denver 27.08.2020 at 22:39
Bruce Camber Center for Perfection Studies USA 10.12.2018 at 23:36
Camilla S. Andresen Denmark 06.01.2016 at 13:32
Carl Egede Bøggild Government of Greenland Greenland 06.04.2019 at 20:17
Carl Isaksen Program coordinator/ GINR Greenland 12.12.2018 at 12:44
Carlos Peralta Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 22.11.2018 at 09:50
Carmen Cuenca-Garcia NTNU University Museum Norway 27.03.2018 at 15:51
carolina behe Inuit Circumpolar Council
Caroline Bouchard Greenland Insitute of Natural Resources Greenland 28.05.2019 at 17:19
Caroline Lørup Dansk Bygningsarv Denmark 05.04.2016 at 13:53
Carsten Egevang Researcher, photographer Danmark 09.06.2018 at 16:46
Carsten Suhr Jacobsen Aarhus University Denmark 20.04.2017 at 11:39
Casper Jepsen Danish Geodata Agency Denmark 25.09.2015 at 14:57
Catherine Larose Environmental Microbial Genomics , University of Lyon France 13.04.2015 at 10:47
Cathy Legrand Project engineer EFLA Iceland 05.09.2016 at 11:00
Charlotte Andersen Arktisk Kommando Grønland 28.05.2019 at 16:15
Charlotte Sigsgaard University of Copenhagen Denmark 14.01.2019 at 11:51
Charlotte Wiin Havsteen Danish Defence Acqusitions and Logistics Organisation Denmark 21.11.2017 at 13:39
Christel Christoffersen Aarhus University, ENVS - Department of Environmental Science 05.02.2019 at 08:06
Christian Koch Madsen Greenland National Museum & Archive/The National Museum of Denmark Greenland 09.05.2018 at 13:40
Christian Lund IFRO Denmark 06.04.2018 at 07:22
Christian Marcussen Senior Adviser Danmark 08.10.2018 at 15:46
Christian Mathias Rohde Kiær DMI 22.03.2019 at 15:15
Christian Nyrop Albers GEUS Denmark 13.11.2018 at 14:14
Christian Wennecke Greenland Business Grønland
Christina Joensen MSc Biology and Science Communication Denmark 26.10.2018 at 15:40
Christine Cuyler Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 31.08.2017 at 13:45
Christof Pearce Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University Denmark 09.04.2019 at 16:32
Christopher Gerlach GEO Denmark 28.11.2017 at 12:51
Christy Hipsley University of Melbourne 03.07.2020 at 23:26
CJ Mundy CEOS Canada 12.04.2018 at 16:14
Claire Herbert Coordinator - Canadian Watershed Information Network Canada 10.04.2018 at 23:10
Claude Arbour Rector Canada 28.09.2016 at 17:43
Claus Kern-Hansen Chief Advisor, DMI Denmark 04.09.2017 at 01:55
Clive Johnson Polarsphere Ltd United Kingdom 04.06.2018 at 15:38
Colin A. Stedmon Professor Denmark 29.10.2019 at 17:55
Daniel Carlson Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus Univ. Denmark 15.03.2018 at 15:33
Daniel Steinhage Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre fpr Polar and Marine Research 20.01.2020 at 16:46
Daniela Chimirri Aalborg University Copenhagen Denmark 24.01.2019 at 12:26
David Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University 14.02.2020 at 13:38
David Babb University of Manitoba Canada
David Boertmann Arctic Research Centre Denmark 26.02.2019 at 07:46
David Bryce Landry CEOS Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:21
David Capelle Centre for Earth Observation Science Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:31
David Richardson Georgia Institute of Technology 14.07.2020 at 17:39
David Roberts Geography Durham University UK 03.07.2017 at 15:24
Debbie Armstrong Technician Canada
Diana Krawczyk Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 24.10.2018 at 13:57
Diogo Rosa Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 23.03.2017 at 11:53
Dirk Mengedoht AWI Germany 14.03.2016 at 23:25
Dirk van As Greenland Guidance Netherlands 10.03.2020 at 10:14
Ditte Nissen Lund Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education Denmark 04.10.2017 at 14:58
Donald M. Anderson Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution United States 24.02.2018 at 19:55
DONGYOUNG BACK Cambridge Bay Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:31
Dorte Krause-Jensen Senior scientist Denmark 01.12.2015 at 17:56
Dorte Søgaard Schrøder Climate Research Centre Denmark 23.01.2019 at 10:00
Dorthe Petersen Asiaq - Greenland Survey 29.01.2020 at 15:58
Douglas Causey University of Alaska Anchorage USA 31.08.2017 at 19:39
Douglas Fischer Environmental Health Sciences
Dr. Herber AWI Bremerhaven 31.01.2020 at 14:51
dubreuil PONANT 29.06.2020 at 08:52
Egon Frandsen Arctic Research Center DK 12.11.2020 at 12:14
Elizabeth Worden University of Manitoba 13.06.2019 at 19:17
Elmer Topp-Jørgensen Academic Staff Denmark 26.09.2017 at 11:05
Else Helene Lövström Communication Officer, INI A/S Greenland 03.01.2018 at 15:45
Else Løvstrøm Greenland Institut Of Natural Resources Greenland
Emil Nielsen Researcher Denmark 26.02.2016 at 12:57
Emma Ragnhof Arctic DTU 19.12.2018 at 10:56
Emmelia Wiley CEOS - University of Manitoba Canada
erik steen larsen county governor Norway 20.10.2018 at 12:41
Erika Machacek University of Copenhagen Denmark 08.09.2015 at 09:44
Erlend Lorentzen Norwegian Polar Institute Norway 19.01.2018 at 10:59
Eva Doting Aarhus University 06.06.2019 at 10:31
Eva Friis Møller Aarhus University Danmark 20.04.2017 at 13:57
Eva Marie Bagge Steenberg Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Denmark
Eva Mätzler Asiaq Greenland 09.05.2019 at 17:53
Expedition Glacialis Expedition Glacialis 30.11.2020 at 14:15
Fabrizio Zgur Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale - OGS 27.11.2020 at 08:51
Fei Wang University of Manitoba Canada 27.11.2018 at 16:31
Felix Betsche German Aerospace Center (DLR) 20.02.2020 at 11:36
Fernando Ugarte GINR Greenland 28.05.2019 at 14:30
Finn Bo Madsen DTU Space Denmark 05.04.2019 at 16:21
Finn Rasmussen Mylius-Erichsens Mindeekspedition 2019 23.05.2019 at 14:14
Flemming G. Christiansen Denmark 19.03.2015 at 18:02
Flemming Merkel Senior researcher Denmark 14.12.2018 at 18:31
Flemming Thorbjørn Hansen Senior Scientific Officer Denmark 09.02.2017 at 13:14
Floreana Miesen University of Lausanne 29.10.2020 at 11:40
Floris van Beest Aarhus University
Forest Banks Battelle 13.02.2019 at 18:49
Francesco Amadori INAF-OATo 26.10.2020 at 19:07
Frank Sejersen Dept. Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies Denmark 06.12.2015 at 13:00
Frederic Herman University of Lausanne
Frej Dichmann Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation Denmark 08.03.2019 at 15:32
Friederike Gründger University Aarhus
Gabrielle Jarvik Stockmann University of Iceland Iceland 28.11.2019 at 11:55
Genevieve LeMoine The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College 19.12.2018 at 21:09
Gilbert Castellanos U.S. Department of the Interior
Gina Moseley University of Innsbruck
Gledis Guri UiT Genetics
Glenn YANNIC LECA Université Savoie Mont Blanc France 16.04.2019 at 23:52
Gonçalo Vieira CEG/IGOT - Universidade de Lisboa Portugal 11.05.2020 at 19:10
Gunvor M. Kirkelund Associate Professor Denmark
Hamish Pritchard British Antarctic Survey 05.10.2020 at 12:02
Hanne Nymann Government of Greenland 26.11.2018 at 14:07
Hanne Thomasen GEUS Denmark 01.04.2019 at 08:45
Hans Ananiassen NAMS AS 18.02.2019 at 12:49
Hans Andreassen Student Greenland 02.11.2016 at 16:48
Hans Christian Steen-Larsen University of Copenhagen 15.06.2020 at 17:47
Hans Harmsen Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu Greenland
Hans Kristian Olsen Research Coordinator - Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland Greenland 26.04.2019 at 15:41
Hans Lapstun NoProblem/ Hans Lapstun 01.09.2020 at 18:36
Hans Peter Christensen Arctic Technology Centre Greenland 29.03.2015 at 15:35
Helen Johanne Andersen Svalbard Science Forum
Helene Olsen Royal Danish Consulate General
Helge Abildhauge Thomsen Denmark 16.03.2015 at 05:28
Helle Astrid Kjær Postdoc Debmark
Helle Poulsen Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education 20.05.2019 at 15:51
Henning Jørgen Knudsen Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen Denmark 29.03.2018 at 14:31
Henriette Skourup DTU Space Denmark 11.02.2019 at 10:53
Henrik C. Wegener Denmark 08.03.2015 at 23:01
Henrik Forsberg Asiaq - Greenland Survey Greenland 19.03.2015 at 15:34
Henrik Halkier Professor, prodekan, Aalborg Universitet Denmark
Henrik Laursen Logistics Manager Greenland 12.11.2018 at 05:58
Henrik Lund Grønlands Naturinstitut
Henrik Peter Ølgaard Lassen Arctic Capacity ApS 24.09.2020 at 10:02
Henrik Skov professor Denmark 05.06.2018 at 10:09
Henrik Spanggård GEUS Denmark 06.05.2019 at 17:01
Henrik Spanggård Munch Denmark 20.12.2016 at 15:14
Hicham Rafiq Alfred-Wegener-Institut Germany 11.11.2016 at 09:11
I.K.Carlson Ballard High School
Iben Koldtoft Center for Is og Klima, NBI, Københavns Universitet 18.12.2018 at 10:36
Ida Bomholt Dyrholm Jacobsen Researcher Greenland 20.11.2018 at 18:09
Igor Eulaers Norwegian Polar Institute 31.03.2020 at 18:58
Inge Bisgaard Greenland National Museum & Archives 01.05.2019 at 14:44
Inger Jennings Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) 27.11.2019 at 09:53
Irene Nygaard University of Southern Denmark Denmark 16.07.2015 at 14:19
Ivalu Pirkko Anna-Marja Katajavaara Sørensen Centre for Public Health in Greenland, National Institute of Public Health, University of Greenland. 10.04.2019 at 17:27
Jacob Taarup-Esbensen PhD-Fellow Denmark 10.07.2017 at 08:32
Jacob Taarup-Esbensen University College Copenhagen 08.03.2019 at 17:32
Jake Ritchie University of Manitoba Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:03
Jakob Sievers Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University Denmark 05.11.2015 at 10:10
Jakub Christensen M. Journey's End - artworks & project cons. Denmark 22.12.2017 at 21:11
Jakub Dan Zarsky, CryoEco Research Group Charles University Czech Republic 14.05.2020 at 18:54
James Julian Chapin The University of Chicago United States
Jan Beutel ETH Zürich 26.07.2020 at 12:19
Jan Grimsrud Davidsen NTNU University Museum 10.03.2020 at 16:58
Jane Lund Andersen Aarhus University
Janet Prevey USGS
Janin Schaffer Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research 04.04.2019 at 08:42
Jannik Hansen Denmark 25.04.2017 at 16:56
Janus Chemnitz Kleist Dep. of Education Grønland 12.01.2018 at 13:42
Jason Box GEUS Denmark 21.02.2019 at 12:47
Jeannette Sophie HInrup University of Copenhagen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
Jelmer Jeuring Umeå University Sweden 17.10.2018 at 08:47
Jenna Emilia Kuronen Aalborg University Tanska 09.11.2017 at 09:30
Jennifer Hollar Office Assistant Canada 12.12.2018 at 17:24
Jennifer Mercer US National Science Foundation United States
Jennifer V. Lukovich CEOS Canada 11.04.2018 at 06:53
Jens Gottlieb Asiaq, Greenland Survey Greenland 21.02.2019 at 18:42
Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen Professor Denmark 18.07.2017 at 09:48
Jens Jørgen Møller Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS Denmark 20.03.2017 at 14:10
Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen Denmark 27.09.2015 at 17:58
Jens Quirin Hansen Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 04.04.2019 at 10:11
Jens Søndergaard Aarhus University (AU)/Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE)
Jeppe Dalgaard Balle Academic Employee Denmark 21.05.2019 at 09:31
Jes Lynning Harfeld Center for Anvendt Filosofi, Institut for Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet Danmark 08.10.2018 at 16:44
Jesper Madsen NANOK / Self-employed entrepreneur Denmark 12.10.2017 at 10:04
Jesper Overgård Lehmann Dep. of Agroecology, Aarhus University Denmark 12.09.2017 at 08:11
Jesper Willaing Zeuthen Assistant Professor Denmark
Jessica Rohde Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee 31.01.2019 at 20:15
Jette Arneborg Curator, Senior researcher Denmark 28.12.2018 at 19:57
Jiankang Ji ACEiE Denmark 17.10.2018 at 21:30
Jixin Qiao Technical University of Denmark 14.01.2019 at 14:31
Joanna Landsvig Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Denmark 04.02.2018 at 00:28
Joel Burkin Greenfields Exploration Australia 24.02.2020 at 23:39
Johan Scheller Aarhus University
John Farrell John Farrell 20.04.2019 at 15:47
John Fleng Steffensen Professor Denmark 15.11.2018 at 15:47
John Iacozza Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba Canada 06.06.2019 at 16:55
John Mortensen Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 20.11.2018 at 18:55
John R. Hopper Seniorforsker Danmark 04.02.2020 at 08:24
John Woods NASA IceBridge United States
John Woods US Office of Naval Research 15.01.2020 at 21:05
Joint Arctic Command Duty Officer Greenland 22.06.2019 at 11:27
Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen DTU National Food Institute Denmark 20.04.2017 at 10:30
Jonathan Aspegren Bormann Danish Technical University, department of Arctic Technology
Jonathan Bell Greenfields Australia 14.02.2019 at 04:48
Jordi Cristóbal Rosselló Atmospheric Scientist. Asiaq - Greenland Survey Greenland 31.01.2018 at 15:44
Josephine Nymand Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 22.11.2018 at 16:43
Josephine Nymand GINR 26.11.2020 at 02:21
Judith Maréchal ARTEK
Julia Morales-Aguirre McGill Univerity 05.10.2020 at 15:52
Julia Zhukova Klausen Aalborg University Denmark 13.10.2017 at 06:50
Julie Hollis Department of Geology, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour, Government of Greenland Greenland 25.06.2019 at 12:47
Julie Skibsted Larsen Academic Officer Denmark
Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 09.05.2019 at 13:04
Jørgen Dall Denmark 08.03.2015 at 08:53
Jørgen Hollesen Nationalmuseet Danmark 12.11.2018 at 11:43
Jørgen Krogh Johansen Private 08.04.2019 at 15:32
Jørgen Peder Steffensen Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Denmark 25.03.2019 at 16:57
Jørgen Sethsen Program coordinator Greenland
Jørgen Skafte Leder af logistikafdelingen Danmark 01.04.2019 at 15:26
Karen Cameron Aberystwyth University
Karen Dybkjær Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) Denmark 24.03.2015 at 15:40
Karen E. Bjerre Centeradministrator, Center for Permafrost Denmark 17.05.2016 at 15:40
Karen Edelvang DTU AQUA Denmark 30.11.2018 at 12:13
Karl Bolmgren University of Bath 04.03.2020 at 17:15
Karl Brix Zinglersen Greenland Institution of Natural Resources Greenland 25.06.2019 at 14:21
Karl Kronskjold Denmark
Karsten Adsboel Joint Arctic Command Greenland 29.02.2016 at 17:20
Katarzyna Kamila Sliwinska GEUS 11.11.2019 at 13:18
Kate Stafford University of Washington 03.09.2020 at 11:19
Katharina Johanna Kreissig Technical University of Denmark Denmark 23.06.2017 at 14:13
Katharine Hendry School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Kathleen May Munson postdoctoral fellow Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:32
Katrine Raundrup Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 18.02.2019 at 17:36
kedong zhang Ph.D. student in University of Manitoba China 10.04.2018 at 21:58
Keld Qvistgaard Danish Meteorological Institute
Kelsey Program Coordinator USA 08.10.2018 at 17:56
Kenneth Mankoff GEUS 19.03.2019 at 11:58
Kerstin Krøier Rasmussen Asiaq - Greenland Survey 14.01.2020 at 08:46
Kevin Thomas Whitmore Georgia Institute of Technology 13.03.2020 at 18:13
Kim Præbel UiT Norges arktiske universitet Norway 02.11.2017 at 13:19
Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen University of Copenhagen & University Centre in Svalbard Denmark 13.12.2018 at 12:52
Kirstine Møller Nunatta Katersugaasivia Greenland 12.04.2018 at 18:12
Kirstine Skov Institut for Bioscience, Aarhus University 27.03.2020 at 14:27
Kirsty Crocket NERC Changing Arctic Ocean United Kingdom 26.04.2018 at 13:07
Kirsty Langley Asiaq Greenland 18.02.2019 at 18:53
Kirsty Tinto LDEO COlumbia University
Kisser Thorsøe Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) Greenland 08.12.2019 at 22:22
Kitte Linding Gerlich Danmark 09.04.2015 at 08:57
Klaus Bidstrup GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 29.09.2015 at 11:51
Klaus Nygaard Director, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 11.05.2015 at 15:38
Kristian Grube Jakobsen Ministry of Mineral Resources Greenland 16.04.2018 at 14:15
Kristian Pagh Nielsen Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 07.04.2015 at 13:16
Kristin Laidre research scientist United States 18.02.2018 at 00:58
Kristine Lynge-Pedersen Project coordinator Greenland 03.02.2016 at 15:56
Kristine Thrane GEUS Denmark 25.03.2019 at 10:46
Kurt Nielsen Denmark 21.09.2018 at 15:43
Lars Berg Larsen Denmark 27.08.2015 at 14:36
Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen Arctic Research Center, Bioscience, Aarhus University
Lars Holst Hansen Bioscience, Aarhus University Denmark 19.05.2019 at 20:20
Lars Melin Science and Technology, Aarhus Universitet Denmark 30.06.2016 at 10:39
Lasse Twiggs Degn Aarhus University - Bioscience - Risø 28.05.2020 at 22:44
Laura Halbach Aarhus University
Lauren Candlish University of Manitoba Canada 07.05.2019 at 15:30
Leendert Vergeynst Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University Denmark 28.05.2019 at 11:29
Leif Kjær Senior Vice President Denmark 09.10.2017 at 20:36
Lena Seuthe The Nansen Legacy Norway 17.04.2018 at 09:40
Lene Kielsen Holm Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 14.03.2018 at 19:00
Lenore A. Grenoble The University of Chicago
Lill Rastad Bjørst Associate Professor, PhD Denmark 04.04.2019 at 12:36
Lindsay Dick Greenfields Exploration Limited 05.05.2020 at 08:09
Line Anker Kyhn Ph.D. Scientist Denmark 22.10.2018 at 13:46
Lis Bach Aarhus University, Bioscience Danmark 16.11.2017 at 13:54
Lisa Winberg von Friesen IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Sweden 20.10.2018 at 17:00
Lise Lotte Sørensen Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University Denmark 30.03.2020 at 14:37
Liv Katrine Mejer Larsen University of Greenland 16.06.2020 at 17:45
Lone Holm Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institutet Denmark 16.04.2015 at 14:06
Lone Riis Nationalmuseet 15.11.2018 at 15:16
Lorenz Meire Greenland Institute for natural resources Groenland 27.02.2019 at 00:43
Louise Faber Head of North Atlantic Law Programme Denmark 01.04.2016 at 10:21
Louise Sandberg Sørensen DTU Space Denmark 04.06.2019 at 14:44
Lucas S. Barrero García Universitat de Girona 28.11.2018 at 08:54
Ludovica D'Imperio Center for Permafrost (CENPERM), University of Copenhagen 24.06.2020 at 11:39
Mads Engholm Jelby Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen Denmark 22.04.2019 at 17:31
Mads Helmer Petersen Regional Manager Norge 24.03.2017 at 13:18
Mads Melbye Statens Serum Institut Denmark 17.11.2016 at 17:33
Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen Professor Denmark 11.06.2019 at 14:07
Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen Professor Denmark
Magdalena A K Muir Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University Canada 06.10.2015 at 01:45
Magnus Lund Aarhus University Denmark 25.07.2018 at 11:12
Maha Ghazal Government of Nunavut 23.03.2020 at 03:36
Mai Winstrup PhD Denmark 14.11.2019 at 14:58
Maj-Britt Willandsen Secretary, DTU Aqua Denmark 15.11.2019 at 11:51
Majken Salomon Hess DMI Denmark 13.03.2015 at 14:41
Malene Simon Greenland Climate Research Center Greenland 11.03.2019 at 01:05
Malte Michel Jochmann UNIS Norway 22.05.2017 at 18:53
Marco Marcer DTU BYG
Marco Marcer DTU
Marek Stibal Denmark 16.03.2015 at 10:49
Margrete Keyser Svalbard Science Forum Norway 03.11.2016 at 14:49
Maria Mellander Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark 09.03.2016 at 12:11
Maria Scheel Institute for Bioscience 14.12.2018 at 12:21
Maria Tammelin Gleerup Polar DTU Denmark 26.03.2015 at 14:53
Marianne Roed Abrahamsen Social Science MA student Denmark 28.01.2019 at 14:30
Marianne Vestergaard Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) Denmark 02.07.2020 at 09:44
Marianne Welzel Andersen Dronning Ingrids Hospital 14.01.2020 at 17:32
Marie Arndal research coordinator Denmark 06.01.2020 at 08:31
Marie Kirk Center for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Denmark 16.04.2020 at 15:52
Marieke Femke de Jong NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Nederland 24.04.2019 at 13:29
Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz Professor Denmark 20.04.2017 at 18:00
Martin Breum author Denmark 10.04.2015 at 15:54
Martin Jakobsson Stockholm University 25.06.2019 at 16:21
Martin Kotol DTU BYG 12.11.2018 at 15:19
Martin Luethi University of Zurich Switzerland 05.08.2018 at 11:33
Martin Olsen Asiaq - Greenland Survey Grønland 13.03.2020 at 13:53
Martin Stendel Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 17.04.2015 at 15:16
Martin Sørensen Greenland Fiord Tours 02.09.2019 at 11:55
Mathieu Morlighem UnivUniversity of California Irvine 27.04.2019 at 05:31
Matilde Brandt Kreiner Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut 10.09.2020 at 11:24
Matilde Raahede Denmark
Matt Heavner Los Alamos National Lab 05.10.2020 at 16:28
Matthew Owen GEUS 03.06.2019 at 12:11
Matthew Walls University of Calgary Canada 01.12.2019 at 15:27
Maureen Biermann Center for Arctic Policy Studies (IARC, UAF) 05.10.2020 at 21:29
Meaghan Julie Dawn Kusyk Designer Canada
Melina Kourantidou Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Southern Denmark Denmark 09.07.2018 at 03:08
Mellat Ardakani University of Oulu
Menelaos Stathopoulos DTU Denmark 31.08.2017 at 21:23
Mette Frost Senior advisor, WWF Denmark Denmark 06.04.2017 at 14:05
Michael Linden-Vørnle Denmark 28.08.2015 at 08:11
Michele Citterio GEUS Denmark 29.05.2017 at 19:14
Michelle Kamula Centre for Earth Observation Science Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:32
Mie Hylstofte Sichlau Winding Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Grønland 29.10.2019 at 18:29
Mikael Kristian Sejr Arctic Research Centre Denmark 30.04.2015 at 14:57
Mikael Pedersen GEUS Denmark 15.03.2019 at 13:17
Mike Willis University of Colorado
Mikhail Mastepanov Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience 27.03.2020 at 10:30
Mikkel Høegh Bojesen DHI-GRAS Denmark 02.09.2019 at 12:47
Mikkel Tamstorf Dep. Head of Department Denmark 02.11.2018 at 07:04
Mikkel U. Østergaard Aalborg University Denmark 11.01.2018 at 13:22
Mikko Keränen Director Finland
Minghu Ding Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences China 17.10.2018 at 12:53
Mogens H. Greve Mr. Danmark
Mona Maria Fuhrmann Zoological Society of London United Kingdom
Morten Frederiksen Aarhus University, Dept of Bioscience 11.04.2019 at 11:32
Morten Holtegaard Nielsen Marine Science & Consulting Denmark 03.02.2016 at 06:42
Morten Meldgaard Ilisimatusarfik Greenland
Morten Pejrup University of Copenhagen Denmark 20.04.2017 at 11:15
Morten Rasch Institute of Geoscience and Natural Ressource Management, University of Copenhagen Denmark 07.09.2018 at 14:13
Morten Rodbjerg Jensen Vision Airways 24.04.2019 at 13:19
Morten Skovgaard Olsen Energistyrelsen Denmark 01.09.2016 at 13:17
Morten Tange Olsen Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen Denmark
Mr Richard J Chadwick University of New Brunswick
Naja Carina Steenholdt University of Aalborg
Naja Mikkelsen Denmark 21.03.2019 at 21:46
Nanna B. Karlsson Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 20.11.2018 at 09:22
Naomi Whitty Polar Field Services USA 25.10.2018 at 00:40
Nic Craig Copenhagen University 04.03.2019 at 16:00
Nicholas Rose Natural History Museum of Denmark Danmark 31.07.2018 at 22:45
Nicolai Hermann Jørgensen NMBU 24.02.2019 at 19:40
Nicolas-Xavier Research Associate Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:45
Niels Broge Danish Geodata Agency Denmark 06.10.2015 at 14:17
Niels Hoedeman, Special Consultant Arctic DTU 18.11.2019 at 14:38
Niels Kroer Denmark 29.03.2016 at 18:03
Niels Larsen Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 02.06.2016 at 10:55
Niels Martin Schmidt Aarhus University
Nigel Hussey Assistant Professor - University of Windsor, Biological Sciences, Canada Canada 20.06.2018 at 20:05
Nils Koudahl Kommunikationsmedarbejder Denmark 16.04.2018 at 14:26
Nimesh Patel Astrophysicist & Project Engineer: Greenland Telescope Project USA 29.08.2018 at 13:16
Nina Hagelskjær Stæger Lund Aarhus universitet Danmark 05.06.2017 at 13:15
Nina Høgh-Jensen Projektmedarbejder Danmark 04.10.2016 at 15:36
Nina O'Hanlon ERI
Nina O'Hanlon ERI
Niomi O'Hara colourFIELD tell e vision 03.09.2020 at 18:04
Nora Els University of Innsbruck Austria
Nunatsinni Ilisimatusarnermik Siunnersuisoqatigiit NIS Greenland Research Council 18.12.2018 at 15:24
Nynne Hjort Nielsen Greenland Institute of Natural Resources 25.09.2019 at 18:56
Nynne Lemming Greenland Institute of Natural Resources 28.02.2019 at 09:48
Odile Crabeck University of Manitoba Canada 08.09.2018 at 10:57
Ole Bjerregaard Hansen DTU Space Denmark 09.07.2020 at 16:05
Ole Geertz-Hansen Greenland Institute of Natural Resources 07.05.2019 at 14:21
Ole Henrik Haslund Denmark 11.03.2015 at 16:21
Oliver Douglas Levers Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
Olivier GILG Université de Bourgogne Franche Comté France 24.04.2019 at 15:15
Owen Anfinson Sonoma State University 16.07.2019 at 17:27
Paaluk Kreutzmann Uummannaq Seasafaris
Pacifica Askitrea L. M. Takata-Glushkoff Bowdoin College 07.11.2020 at 11:25
Paolo Ruti WMO Switzerland 08.10.2016 at 18:30
Pardis Karimi University of Manitoba Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:16
Parnuna P. Egede PhD Fellow Denmark 09.01.2018 at 16:06
Patrick Keys School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University 18.05.2020 at 23:56
Paul Knutz GEUS 25.06.2019 at 13:38
Pauline Knudsen Archaeologist Greenland 08.06.2020 at 17:42
Pedro Pina Principal Researcher Portugal 24.11.2017 at 10:02
PEMIuser4 PEMI4 12.11.2019 at 06:59
Per Arnfjord University of Greenland Greenland 03.04.2016 at 17:43
Per Høeg Technical University of Denmark, DTU Space Denmark 18.04.2016 at 13:04
Per Juel Hansen Marine Biological Section, Biological Institute
per laursen Denmark
Pernille Erland Jensen Technical University of Denmark Denmark 21.02.2017 at 12:46
Peter Alsen GEUS, The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 05.03.2018 at 14:59
Peter Bondo Christensen Arctic Research Center Denmark 20.02.2015 at 13:48
Peter Fink-Jensen DTU Aqua Denmark 18.12.2017 at 13:43
Peter Frykman GEUS Danmark 31.08.2018 at 10:52
Peter Hegelund Program Koordinator Greenland 04.11.2019 at 12:47
Peter Henrik Voss GEUS Denmark 09.08.2016 at 09:18
Peter Henriksen Denmark
Peter Langen Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark 06.05.2019 at 23:24
Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 19.06.2019 at 17:29
Philip William Dabney Instrument Scientist USA 15.05.2017 at 12:42
PIERPAOLO GUARNIERI Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland DK 22.11.2017 at 11:09
Pierre Leblanc Arctic Security Consultants
Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre University of Oslo Norway 24.04.2019 at 14:07
pjny Polar DTU Denmark 14.04.2018 at 19:10
Preben Emanuel Gudmandsen National Space Institute Danmark 15.11.2018 at 22:52
Rasmus Borgstrøm DHI GRAS Danmark 03.11.2016 at 19:11
Rasmus Fenger-Nielsen Ph.d. student Denmark 05.11.2016 at 22:30
Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen UiT The Arctic University of Norway Norway 22.04.2018 at 14:37
Rasmus Mannerup Jørgensen Rasmus Mannerup Jørgensen 02.08.2019 at 06:48
Rasmus Nygaard Grønlands Naturinstitut Greenland 20.02.2019 at 17:35
Rebecca McPherson Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research 22.09.2020 at 11:46
Rene Forsberg DTU Space 29.05.2019 at 11:14
Renee Crain United States
Renée Mie Fredensborg Hansen European Space Agency (ESA)/ESRIN 16.09.2020 at 14:28
Riikka Rinnan Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen Denmark
Rikke Guldborg Hansen Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Danmark 26.09.2018 at 09:46
Robert C. Thomsen Aalborg University Denmark 15.10.2017 at 17:10
Robert Fausto Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 13.06.2019 at 11:37
Ronnie N Glud University of Southern Denmark Denmark 13.04.2015 at 08:45
Ross A Virginia Dartmouth College, Institute of Arctic Studies USA
Rossana Bossi Rossana Bossi Denmark 08.02.2017 at 11:43
Rudradutt Global Center for Environment and Energy
Rune Dietz Arctic Research Centre Denmark
Ruth Mottram Dr Denmark 13.06.2018 at 11:39
Ruud Rijkers Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 31.03.2020 at 23:13
Ryan Galley Centre for Earth Observation Science Canada 13.06.2018 at 17:42
Ryan Reynolds Neely III Lecturer of Observational Atmospheric, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds UK 10.07.2017 at 14:02
Saki Daorana Saki Daorana 06.11.2020 at 22:13
Sam Weatherley GEUS Denmark
Sara Bowden Interagency Arctic Research Policy 12.02.2019 at 20:54
sara salehi Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Denmark 23.02.2016 at 16:26
Sascha Schiøtt Greenland Institute of Natural Resources 11.06.2019 at 09:24
Saurabh Vijay DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark Denmark 14.11.2017 at 09:22
Seas eCo Seas eCO Norway
Sebastian Ravn Rasmussen Polar Logistics Group (POLOG) Denmark 16.02.2018 at 13:44
Sebastian Simonsen Technical University of Denmark Denmark 29.05.2018 at 08:36
Sergei Kirillov Center for Earth Observation Science Canada 10.04.2018 at 20:49
Sermeq Helicopters A/S Sermeq Helicopters 21.02.2020 at 01:36
Sermilik Adventures IVS Sermilik Adventure IVS
Shfaqat Abbas Khan DTU Space 18.06.2020 at 09:36
Signe Bech Andersen GEUS Denmark 08.05.2019 at 23:24
Sigrun H Jonasdottir DTU Aqua Denmark 10.02.2018 at 09:56
Sigurð í Jákupsstovu University of the Faroe Islands 10.04.2019 at 10:16
Sille Marie Myreng Asiaq Greenland Survey 20.03.2020 at 18:49
Simon Mose Thaarup Geologist Denmark 03.05.2019 at 15:57
Sine Munk Hvidegaard DTU Space
SKIP VAN BLOEM Clemson University Baruch Institute
Sofia Isabel dos Santos Ribeiro GEUS Danmark 01.04.2016 at 13:52
Spencer Niebuhr Polar Field Services 09.07.2020 at 19:24
Stefan Wacker Greenland 05.03.2015 at 18:06
Steffen Malskær Olsen PhD Denmark 06.12.2018 at 16:20
Sten Egede Siorarsiorfik
Sten Lund Research Coordinator Greenland 29.07.2019 at 13:33
Stig Andersen Arctic Health Research Centre Denmark 16.10.2017 at 18:46
Stine Djørup Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education Denmark 27.11.2018 at 15:10
Sune Arctic Geodata Denmark
Susan Zager Blackbird Collaborative 14.02.2019 at 23:03
Susanna Pakkasmaa Arctic Research Centre Denmark 08.11.2016 at 09:34
Susanne Andersen Centre for Ice and Climate, the Niels Bohr Institute Denmark 23.04.2019 at 13:38
Susanne Hanson Arctic DTU 06.02.2019 at 16:10
Susanne Hanson DTU
Susse Wegeberg senior advisor Denmark 23.04.2018 at 11:33
Suzanne Moeller Head of Institute for Nursing and Healthscience Greenland
Svend Stouge Statens Naturhistoriske Museum Denmark 20.05.2019 at 09:30
Símun Dalsenni Olsen GEUS Danmark 21.06.2017 at 12:56
Søren E. Olufsen DMI DENMARK
Søren Halkier Christensen Joint Arctic Command Greenland 02.03.2016 at 13:40
Søren Lorenzen Post Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland 14.03.2018 at 17:27
Søren Møller Roskilde University Denmark 21.02.2017 at 14:18
Søren Rysgaard Arctic Science Partnership Denmark 22.12.2019 at 12:17
Tage Dalsgaard Senior Scientist Denmark 28.11.2017 at 08:14
TaoLi Ocean University of China China 10.04.2018 at 22:24
Teit Groth Administrative officer Greenland 07.12.2017 at 15:09
Tenna Jensen University of Copenhagen
Tenna Kragh Boye M.Sc. Greenland 19.06.2019 at 14:41
Tenna Riis Assoc. Prof Denmark
Teunis Jansen Senior Research Scientist @ DTU-AQUA Denmark 01.04.2016 at 09:27
Thomas Davidson Senior Forsker Denmark 24.05.2018 at 14:07
Thomas Dethleffsen TU Hamburg 25.11.2019 at 16:24
Thomas Find Kokfelt GEUS Danmark 15.11.2018 at 16:25
Thomas Funck Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) Denmark 09.04.2015 at 12:55
Thomas Hauerberg Hansen SPG Danmark 28.06.2017 at 12:42
Thomas Have Laursen SAFE NORDIC Denmark 03.12.2017 at 22:00
Thomas Hobbs COBE Architects Denmark 25.04.2018 at 21:33
Thomas Højland Lorentzen DTU
Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen Technical University of Denmark 12.11.2018 at 14:29
Thomas Juul-Pedersen Greenland Climate Research Centre Greenland 08.03.2019 at 17:09
Thomas Plesner University of Aarhus, Science & Technology 29.05.2019 at 13:45
Thorbjørn Gilberg Research Council of Norway Norway 03.01.2017 at 08:05
Thyge Christesen Nanok Denmark 16.11.2018 at 20:32
Tian Tian Researcher Denmark 04.11.2016 at 09:33
Tim Papakyriakou CEOS Canada 11.04.2018 at 22:33
Tina Santl-Temkiv Aarhus University 14.05.2019 at 08:50
Tina Østergaard The Danish National Center for Grief
Tobias CARTER Unu Mondo Expedition
Toke Landy Brødsgaard Sales Account Manager - Air Greenland Charter Greenland
Toke Thomas Høye Aarhus University Denmark 23.11.2016 at 11:39
Torben Røjle Christensen Professor Denmark 17.02.2019 at 20:43
Torben Røjle Christensen Professor Denmark 12.03.2018 at 19:59
Torkel Gissel Nielsen Danish Technical University
Torsten Kanzow Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Tove Lading Assistant professor, head of studies Denmark
Trine Dahl-Jensen GEUS Denmark 13.11.2018 at 14:08
Twila A Moon National Snow & Ice Data Center, University of Colorado 07.05.2019 at 01:34
Uffe Jakobsen Arctic Politics Research Group, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen Denmark 11.04.2019 at 13:54
Uffe Wilken Det Grønlandske Selskab/The Greenlandic Society Denmark 02.08.2018 at 10:16
Ulf Marquard-Petersen Greenland Wolf Research Program United States 23.05.2019 at 02:57
Ulla Langballe Aalborg University Denmark 15.01.2016 at 14:35
Ulla Odgaard Nationalmuseet 12.11.2018 at 11:30
Ulrich Gosewinkel Aarhus University 17.11.2020 at 15:18
Ulrik Pram Gad Aalborg University, AAU Arctic / CIRCLA Denmark 16.11.2018 at 14:49
vala hjorleifsdottir Seismologist iceland 17.10.2018 at 17:29
Verena Gisela Huppert PhD fellow Denmark 08.10.2018 at 16:50
Virginia Chondromatidou Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Denmark
Vivi Kathrine Pedersen Aarhus University 08.10.2020 at 10:51
Vivian Henningsen DMI Danmark 20.01.2020 at 16:36
Vladislav Petrusevich Ph.D. Scholar Canada 02.02.2018 at 22:34
Wieter Boone ASP Canada 04.11.2020 at 09:27
William Colgan Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Danmark 13.03.2020 at 20:27
William Manley Research Associate United States 14.06.2019 at 04:59
Willy Lehmann Weng GEUS Denmark 08.04.2015 at 20:41
Ylva Sjöberg University of Copenhagen
Yonghui Zeng Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University Denmark 17.11.2017 at 10:20
Zen Mariani Environment and Climate Change Canada Canada 22.12.2017 at 21:17
Zhiyuan (Jeff) Gao University of Manitoba Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:00
Zongbo SHI University of Birmingham 10.11.2020 at 11:52
Zou Zou Kuzyk Assistant Professor Canada 10.04.2018 at 22:46
Øyvind Andreas Winton Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Denmark 28.05.2018 at 22:51