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The Frederik Paulsen North Greenland Expedition 2016

West Greenland (Kangerlussuaq - Qaanaq) and North Greenland (Qaanaq - Station Nord)
Type of transport
Civil fixed-wing aircraft
Open seats, if any
Available payload, if any
0 kg
Greenland Ice Sheet

The Frederik Paulsen North Greenland Expedition 2016 is a private expedition supporting scientific projects. The expedition will visit a large number of sites in West Greenland and North Greenland during July 2016. From 13 July to 17 July the expedition will make use of a Sikorsky S-61 helicopter to visit sites in West Greenland between Kangerlussuaq and Qaanaq. Between 18 and 23 July the expedition will make use of a De Haviland DHC-6 Twin Otter and an AS-350 helicopter to visit sites in North Greenland between Qaanaq and Station Nord. En route, the expedition supports different science projects being an integrated part of the expedition, and the expedition pays for mobilisation/demobilisation of an AS-350 helicopter to Station Nord to be used to support science projects out of Station Nord in the period 25 July - 13 August (see the Itinerary 'STN, Kap Morris Jessup, Danmarkshavn' below). Along the route, the expedition is further most willing to support any researchers being interested in having some samples taken, in having some datloggers being serviced, having photographs taken, having specific observations made etc. The scientific staff on the expedition are: Professor Bo Elberling (Geochemist, University of Copenhagen), Professor Kurt Kjær (Quaternary Geologist, University of Copenhagen), Professor Terry Callaghan (Ecologist, Sheffield University) and Chief Consultant Morten Rasch (Expedition Leader, Physical Geographer, University of Copenhagen). In case you want the expedition to support you with any data collection, please feel free to contact  the expedition leader, Morten Rasch, at or +45 23227109.