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Digital Arctic Community Heritage: For Preservation and Access


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In order to preserve and explore the history, languages and cultures of the Arctic, it is essential that citizens understand the nature and extent of the public archival record and contribute to its digitization, for preservation and access. While many communities want to address this challenge, they are often inhibited by uncertainty on best practices and standards, on comparative experiences, and on the range of available tools in particular, open source options. Most discourse on digital archive solutions is centered on the needs of large research libraries and national institutions. This project seeks to make a unique contribution to the development and maintenance of open source tools and systems for digital archival content in small communities. The project begins by gathering a diverse set of local, state, federal, academic and non-governmental stakeholders from the US, Norway and Canada for a workshop at Monticello to share insights on tools and case studies for archive digitization, and to jointly develop the still unmet requirements for open source tools for Arctic archive digitization. As Arctic archives come on line, the research team hopes their work will empower and directly engage the pan-Arctic communities in better understanding how they came to be and how they interrelate with one another in confronting the challenges of the present.