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Coordination and Participation: Writing Workshops - Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic - Bering Beaufort Chukchi Region


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This award will support US attendance at meetings to develop a report that will contribute to the US National Assessment, and also address the current adjustments and future needs of individuals, communities, industries, and relevant sectors of society. This assessment will be completed for the near-term (2030) and more distant future (2080), providing individuals, community planners and industry with insight into possible future scenarios. By targeting adaptation, including barriers to adaptation in various sectors and communities, the report will inform planners, decision-makers and those who set policy relevant to adaptation. This information will ultimately help society anticipate and adapt to the Arctic's ongoing and future physical, socioeconomic and technological changes. "Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic" (AACA) is to be an assessment of climate and integrated social and environmental frameworks and models that can inform adaptation actions in the face of Arctic change. The AACA is the main contribution by the U.S. to an international synthesis effort of the same name that will focus on adaptation to multiple stressors. Funds will support U.S. participation in two workshops to complete an assessment of the adaptations residents of the Bering/Beaufort/Chukchi Sea region have implemented to deal with the rapid changes in climate, landscape, ecosystems and social systems that have occurred in recent decades. The report that will result from these workshops will be an assessment of the broad array of changes in the Arctic regions of Northwestern Canada, Northern Alaska and Eastern Russia and adjacent seas. It is expected that the report will lead to a better understanding of the social responses to change and to a discussion of where additional research or investments are needed to facilitate near-term and more distant adaptation actions.