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Collaborative Research: Toward optimization of observational arrays in the Arctic Ocean


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Ocean & fiord systems
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Computer science & e-learning

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This project contributes to the further development of the Arctic Observing Network (AON) by providing a suit of variational methods for optimization of observational arrays with special emphasis on the computational efficiency and portability of the optimization procedures. The team will analyze a scientific rationale for several ongoing and proposed observational programs to provide recommendations for designing an effective AO observing system. By accomplishing this research they intend to approach the major goal of the grant: to provide observational Arctic community with an objective procedure for optimization of the observational strategy that can be routinely used and will deliver robust and efficient estimates of the optimal configuration of an observational array based on the information available from community AO Ocean General Circulation Models. The study will provide a helpful tool for quality control of the decisions based on 'common sense' and the information which cannot be formalized in the framework of a rigorous mathematical approach. The results may suggest recommendations for deployment of the monitoring equipment in support of the Study of Environmental ARctic CHange (SEARCH) and AON programs. The results of the study will be available through a web site that will include links to other relevant observational projects. The web site will be designed to be useful for a variety of audiences including the scientific community, students, and the general public. Additionally, the investigators will set up a web server to simplify access of the interested researchers to the developed algorithms. Results from project data interpretation will be published in scientific and popular journals.