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The Changing Ice-Snow-Water Nexus: Research-to-Policy-to-Public Awareness


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This award would support a Synthesis Workshop to identify community-based perspectives, research imperatives, and policy needs linked to the interactions of ice, water and global climate. This workshop would precede and assist in the science community in preparation for the emerging U.N. International Year for Snow and Ice and the Celebrating Glaciers campaigns. It is the intention of the organizer to bring together key representatives of the cryospheric-hydrologic-social science research, policy, education, and outreach communities to elaborate plans for creating a transdisciplinary ice-snow-water nexus communication community, as well as set the groundwork for creating strategies and toolkits for effectively communicating science to the public and to policy makers. The workshop has as its themes, interdisciplinarity, innovation, integration and engagement. In order to have the full engagement in the workshop sessions, the PI suggests limiting it to 10-15 people with expertise in producing, using, and communicating science. The goal of the workshop being to bring together a key group of earth system and interdisciplinary social scientists, users of natural and social science knowledge - people who can articulate their needs and interests in science products e.g., policy makers, environmental managers, and public stakeholders, and education and outreach experts, including public relations practitioners. The workshop is structured as a three day meeting: the first two days will be conference-style, consisting of plenary talks, discussion, and breakout sessions focused; the final day will be an intensive writing workshop to synthesize key knowledge production from the prior two days. The final results of the meeting will be a short community-reviewed report summarizing key issues, common challenges, general lessons and ideas for steps forward that emerged during the workshop.