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Call for papers: Arctic‐Chinese Cooperation ( Registration Deadline: 15 December 2017)

25.01.2018 to 26.01.2018
Aalborg University

China seeking Arctic Resources – The Arctic seeking Resources in China

China’s interest in mineral resources from the Arctic has been the object of wide interest from scholars and policymakers around the Globe. Mineral resources remain largely unexploited and are yet to benefit both China and the Arctic. However, if we expand our focus to resources of a more intangible nature, many other resources are already exploited in co‐operation between China and the Arctic communities. For example, Chinese tourism to the Arctic is growing, making the pristine Arctic nature a crucial resource ‐ and making Chinese tourists a source of income and employment for Arctic communities. Meanwhile, human resources from China are imported to support food production and mining exploration in the Arctic etc. For Arctic communities, China is also a new source of cooperation, of formal or informal recognition, and of financial resources in addition to existing partners in Europe and North America.

This workshop welcomes contributions from multiple disciplines contributing to our understanding of how meetings between the Arctic and China unfold when Arctic and Chinese resources are explored or exploited in China or the Arctic. We challenge the workshop participants to consider issues such as: 

  • The institutional and political framework for Arctic‐Chinese cooperation on resources 
  • The social and economic valualization of resources 
  • How reserves and resources are ascribed meaning 
  • How resources can become the object of intense political and ideological struggle 
  • Case studies of specific examples of resource exploration or exploitation

We understand the Arctic as all areas north of the Arctic Circle as well as adjacent areas with comparable logistic and socio‐political conditions, including Iceland, the Faroe Islands, southern parts of Greenland as well as all of the Canadian North, remote parts of Alaska and Siberia. We also welcome contributions based on material from outside the Arctic if the topics are relevant to understanding the production and transfer of resources between China and the Arctic.


Time: January 25 – 26, 2018
Venue: Aalborg University, Aalborg Campus.

Participation is free of charge and lunch is included on both days for all
participants. The conference dinner on January 25 is included for paper presenters.



Jesper Willaing Zeuthen ( and Ane Bislev (


Please register by sending an abstract of max 250 words to Thorsten Budde Haensel ( before 15 December 2017.