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Title Activity Type Date
Seabird field studies Kippaku 2019 Project 05.07.2019
Mylius-Erichsens Mindeekspedition 2019 Logistics 15.06.2019
PROMICE - KPC maintenance Project 10.07.2019
Tentative schedule July 2019 for JACO maritime unit at South West Greenland Logistics 31.12.2019
NE Greenland 1:100,000 scale geological mapping Project 15.07.2019
AirMiMic - Fieldwork Project 20.07.2019
2019 MarineGreen cruise in Disko Bay, West Greenland Project 20.07.2019
The Vaigat Iceberg - Microbial Oil degradation and Archaeological heritage investigation (VIMOA) Project 21.07.2019
AS350 helicopter available on the W coast before 25.7. and after 5.8. 2019 Logistics 20.07.2019
GINR Melville Bay cruise Project 31.07.2019
Tentative schedule August 2019 for JACO maritime unit at North East Greenland Logistics 31.12.2019
DMI - Research, Monitoring and Infrastructure 2019-2020 Project 01.08.2019
Novel Tracers of Arctic Carbon and water exchange in the Fram Strait (NoTAC) Project 01.08.2019
New insights on ocean circulation and the fate of organic carbon in the Arctic Ocean Project 01.08.2019
Upper Neoproterozoic to lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palaeontology of NE-Greenland Project 01.08.2019
Greenland GNSS Network - GNET Project 01.08.2019
Ernæringskvalitet af hjemmedyrket grovfoder i Sydgrønland Project 01.08.2019
Ryder 2019 Expedition Project 05.08.2019
NANOK 29. field season, 2019, Strindberg team Project 06.08.2019
NANOK 29. field season, 2019, Research assist-team Project 06.08.2019