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Title Activity Type Date
Airborne CryoSat and ICESat cross-calibration campaign Project 21.03.2019
ARCTIC FIRST AID Course 26.03.2019
Climate Forcing, Effects and Adaptations in the Arctic Course 26.03.2019
Shooting course (rifle) Course 27.03.2019
Greenland Science Week 2019 Conference Event 27.03.2019
ARCTIC FIRST AID 2 Course 28.03.2019 Reception Event 28.03.2019
GeoBasis Project 01.04.2019
Activating Arctic Heritage Project 01.04.2019
Activating Arctic Heritage Project 01.04.2019
GeoBasis Disko Project 01.04.2019
GlacioBasis Zackenberg Project 08.04.2019
Q19 Project 11.04.2019
Arctic Nature and Society Course 23.04.2019
First Aid Course 29.04.2019
Humpback whale ecology study Project 01.05.2019
A beauty for the eye, but what shapes icebergs in Greenland? Project 01.05.2019
Image Velocimetry for discharge measurements in Greenland Project 01.05.2019
Shooting course/training Course 02.05.2019
Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme Project 08.05.2019