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Title Activity Type Date
What are the challenges in modelling isoprene and monoterpene emission dynamics for subarctic plants? Seminar Event 07.04.2016
Kick-off Isaaffik v2 Workshop Event 06.04.2016
The terrestrial carbon sink in the North Seminar Event 21.04.2016
NOSA Symposium 2016 Symposium Event 04.04.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Charlotte Wiin Havsteen Seminar Event 04.04.2016
Workshop: Governance of Arctic marine areas Workshop Event 26.05.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Anne de Vernal Seminar Event 30.05.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Penny Vlahos Seminar Event 20.06.2016
Responsibilities and Liabilities for Commercial Activity in the Arctic: The Example of Greenland. Reception Event 29.04.2016
Greenland at the crossroads: Climate Change, Asian interests in the Arctic and developments in Greenland (UCPH SUMMER SCHOOL 2016) from 1 August to 12 August 2016 Summer school Event 01.08.2016
Master Program in Nature and Health Science (30 ECTS-points) Event 01.05.2016
The effect of climate change on arctic and sub-arctic ecosystem CO2 emission Seminar Event 04.04.2016
The effect of climate change on arctic and sub-arctic ecosystem CO2 emission Event 14.04.2016
Bear encounters - Precautions in polar bear land Meeting Event 31.05.2016
Do insect outbreaks on mountain birch affect capacity of subarctic vegetation to form secondary organic aerosols? Seminar Event 12.05.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Sean P O'Neill Seminar Event 17.05.2016
Arctic Seminar Series: Rune Dietz Seminar Event 24.05.2016
Permafrost distribution and flow regime along a hill slope in West Greenland Seminar Event 12.05.2016
Emissions of natural volatile organohalogens in Arctic and Sub-Arctic vegetation types Seminar Event 19.05.2016
Isaaffik ver. 2 projektmøde Meeting Event 03.05.2016