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Title Activity Type Date
Carbonyl sulfide measurements in the GISP2D ice core from Summit, Greenland Project 01.01.2019
CAREER: Chasing icebergs: quantifying iceberg motion and melt in Greenland's glacial fjords Project 01.01.2016
CAREER: Linking cryospheric processes across scales to model non-linear albedo feedback Project 01.01.2013
CAREER: South Greenland's Holocene Climate History Reconstructed Using Three Paleolimnological Approaches Project 01.01.2015
Caribou Jawbones Project 01.09.2017
Case study: seasonal transition of geophysical parameters of different ice types in Young Sound Project 01.05.2014
CASP East Greenland Project Project 21.03.2020
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 21.05.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 28.05.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 24.09.2015
CENPERM seminar Seminar Event 22.10.2015
CENPERM seminar: Karen Cameron: Microbial community structures vary across the Greenland ice sheet surface Seminar Event 08.10.2015
Characteristics of the Summer Arctic Frontal Zone Atmospheric Feature and Its Projected Changes through the 21st Century Project 01.01.2014
Charting Arctic and Global Interconnections: Workshops on Physical, Digital, and Social Infrastructures Project 01.01.2020
Chemistry of reactive gases in the Arctic sea ice and atmosphere Project 01.01.2019
Circulation and exchange processes at the entrance to Godthåbsfjord Project 19.02.2013
Circulation, Metabolism, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Arctic Lakes and Ponds Project 01.01.2018
Climate and lake ecosystem dynamics in the high Arctic, over the Holocene, using lake sediment records Project 02.08.2016
Climate and lake ecosystem dynamics, in the high Arctic, over the Holocene, using lake sediment records Project 29.04.2015
Climate Change and Community-Based Relocation Project 01.01.2012