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Title Activity Type Date
Unraveling the history of the Greenland Ice Sheet from its internal radiostratigraphy Project 01.01.2015
Unravelling the response time scales of Greenland's most critical outlet glacier Project 21.04.2020
UpDeep Project 24.07.2017
UpDeep - Fieldwork 2018 Project 03.07.2018
Upernavik - photogrammetric mapping Project 27.08.2018
Upper Neoproterozoic to lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palaeontology of NE-Greenland Project 01.08.2019
UV-index service Project 01.03.2012
Villum Research Station workshop Workshop Event 07.04.2016
Visions of Adaptation: Indigenous Video Production in a Transforming Greenland Project 01.01.2014
Visit to Ivittut Logistics 09.10.2015
Walruses in Upernavik Project 01.05.2018
Walruses in Upernavik Project 15.05.2017
WATSON (Wireless Analysis Tool for Subsurface Observation of Northern-ice-sheets) project Project 01.01.2017
Weather station maintenance on ice sheet near Station Nord Logistics 01.01.2016
Weathering of western Greenland: Influences on oceanic fluxes of radiogenic isotopes Project 01.01.2013
Weaving Islands of Cloth: Gender, Textiles, and Trade Across the North Atlantic from the Viking Age to the Early Modern Period Project 01.01.2013
Week of the Arctic International Conference Project 01.01.2017
What are the challenges in modelling isoprene and monoterpene emission dynamics for subarctic plants? Seminar Event 07.04.2016
When the Earth Warms: Paleoceanography at the Southern Ice Margin in the Bering Sea during Three Glacial-Interglacial Transitions Project 01.01.2019
Wildlife Survey, Western Germania Land, Summer 2017 Logistics 01.08.2017