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Title Activity Type Date
The Sondrestrom Facility - Enabling Fundamental Research of the Coupled Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System Project 01.01.2015
The Stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 01.01.2017
The terrestrial carbon sink in the North Seminar Event 21.04.2016
The Triassic of the Wandel Sea Basin Project 27.07.2016
The Vaigat Iceberg - Microbial Oil degradation and Archaeological heritage investigation (VIMOA) Project 21.07.2019
Thick-billed murre studies, Ittoqqortoormiit Project 15.07.2018
Thick-billed murre studies, Maniitsoq Project 15.07.2018
Thick-billed murre studies, Maniitsoq Project 15.07.2017
Thick-billed murre studies, Upernavik Project 01.07.2018
Thick-billed murre studies, Upernavik Project 15.07.2017
Three Dimensional Computer Simulations of Maxwell Equations and Snow Microstructures for Active and Passive Microwave Observations of Snow on Sea Ice in a Changing Climate Project 01.01.2015
Timing and Paleoceanographic Impacts of the Onset of Arctic-Baffin Bay Throughflow Project 01.01.2018
Top predators in a changing ecosystem Project 01.09.2017
Towards a Tiered Permafrost Modeling Cyberinfrastructure Project 01.01.2015
Towards a Unifying Pan-Arctic Perspective: Concepts and Theories Project 01.01.2016
Towards an Operational System for Estimating Greenland Ice Sheet Thickness Change from Altimetry Project 01.01.2014
Trace gas flux survey of high arctic ecosystems Project 01.08.2015
Tracing carbon exchanges/fluxes between Arctic and Atlantic basins Project 01.11.2019
Tracking Greenland Melt in the Ocean Using Noble Gas Fingerprints Project 01.01.2015
Turismeudvikling i Grønland - Fakta og Fremtider Seminar Event 05.03.2017