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Title Activity Type Date
The Cretaceous of Northeast Greenland Project 01.08.2016
The dynamics of mercury in the Arctic atmosphere Project 25.02.2016
The effect of climate change on arctic and sub-arctic ecosystem CO2 emission Seminar Event 04.04.2016
The effect of climate change on arctic and sub-arctic ecosystem CO2 emission Event 14.04.2016
The Frederik Paulsen North Greenland Expedition 2016 Logistics 08.06.2016
The function of a polynia. Deployment of moorings in Young Sund, NE Greenland Project 20.10.2013
The future of Arctic biodiversity in a climate change era Project 01.06.2018
The Genetic Basis of Adaptation to Climatic Stress in Siberian Indigenous Populations Project 01.01.2013
The Greenland Diet Revolution Project 09.06.2017
The Greenland GPS Network (GNET): Geodetic characterization of water vapor, climate cycles, climate change and ice mass balance Project 01.01.2017
The Heritage of Science and Technology in the Arctic, April 21-25, 2013 Project 01.01.2013
The Impact of the Stratosphere on Arctic Climate Project 01.01.2016
The Place Names of Franz Josef Land: A workshop on the historical geography of an archipelago of polar explorers Project 01.01.2015
The Politics of Maritime Security in the Arctic (summer school) Course 12.08.2019
The response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Holocene climate change: Testing ice sheet models and forcing mechanisms of ice margin change Project 01.01.2012
The rise of South Greenland 4D Project 01.07.2017
The rise of South Greenland 4D Project 17.06.2016
The role of uncertainty in waveguide perturbations on midlatitude predictability with DOWNSTREAM Project 01.01.2015
The Science of the Narwhal through Technological Innovation, HoloLens Project 01.01.2017
The Seasonal Atmospheric Circulation and Climate Response to Arctic Sea Ice Loss: Mechanisms and Robustness across Models Project 01.01.2012