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Title Activity Type Date
Aerial survey of marine mammals in East Greenland Project 18.08.2017
Aerial survey of marine mammals in the North East Water polynya Project 27.03.2017
Aerial winter survey of seabirds in Southwest Greenland Project 28.02.2017
Ahtna Language Infrastructure and Training (A-LIT) Project 01.01.2012
Air Greenland has an AS350 in Tasiilaq from mid July until 8th of August Event 15.07.2015
Air-ice fluxes and the spring/summer evolution of the surface heat budget (SEB) Project 01.05.2014
Airborne campaign for future Copernicus polar satellite Project 28.02.2019
Airborne CryoSat and ICESat cross-calibration campaign Project 21.03.2019
Aircraft Component for Collaborative Research: Quantifying changes in the arctic hydrologic cycle at the landscape scale using advances in water vapor isotope techniques and aircra Project 01.01.2013
AirMiMic - Fieldwork Project 20.07.2019
AITC 2020 Mapping the Arctic Conference Event 16.12.2019
Alaska Community-based Monitoring Best Practices Workshop Project 01.01.2014
Alaska Science Communication Workshop Project 01.01.2016
Alpine Summer School: Climate, aerosols, and the cryosphere Project 01.01.2013
AMAP Project 01.03.2020
Amerallk montly length section Project 26.03.2017
An Arctic Ocean sea surface pCO2 and pH observing network Project 01.01.2016
An Arctic Ocean sea surface pCO2, pH and O2 observing network Project 01.01.2017
An initial investigation of the Greenland perennial firn aquifer Project 01.01.2013
An open source framework for metadata exploration and discovery of Polar Data Project 01.01.2013