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(20 out of 1451)
Title Activity Type Date
A Millenium of Changing Environment in the Godthåbsfjord Project 11.08.2013
A new geological map (Agatdal 50K) Project 14.08.2017
A Northern Hemisphere Holocene Paleoatmospheric Record of Ethane and Acetylene from the GISP2 Ice Core Project 01.01.2019
A Workshop to Develop a Conceptual Model of the Future High Arcitc Marine Ecosystem Project 01.01.2013
A Workshop to Explore the Genetics, Paleoecology, Archaeology and Anthropology of Human Migrations across the Arctic, Fall 2015; Boulder, CO Project 01.01.2015
Abiotic controls on permafrost C mineralization rates assessed based on incubating samples from 4 contrasting Arctic localities Seminar Event 31.03.2016
Access of Atlantic Water to Greenland glaciers (A2Green) Project 01.03.2020
Acoustic monitoring of marine mammals in a changing Arctic: East Greenland Project 29.01.2018
Acoustic monitoring of marine mammals in changing Arctic Project 03.03.2018
Acquisition of oceanographic measurements from baleen whales Project 01.05.2018
Activating Arctic Heritage Project 01.04.2019
Activating Arctic Heritage Project 01.04.2019
Activities of the Polar Research Board Project 01.01.2015
Advancing US Participation in the International Synoptic Arctic Survey Project 01.01.2019
Adventure Learning @ Greenland Project 01.01.2012
Aerial mapping - Westgreenland Logistics 01.09.2016
Aerial photoflight mission Logistics 01.06.2019
Aerial survey (counting ringed seals) in Kangia – The icefjord next to Ilulissat Project 21.05.2018
Aerial survey for marine mammals in the Thule region Project 05.04.2018
Aerial survey for narwhals in Dove Bay, out of Danmarkshavn Project 20.08.2018