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Title Activity Type Date
Tentative schedule 2017 for JACO maritime units at Nortwest Greenland (NWG) Logistics 30.09.2017
Arctic EntrepreneurShip Logistics 12.10.2017
Environmental DNA analyses of aquatic ecosystems Job 01.11.2017
Winter conditions in high latitude lakes Logistics 07.11.2017
Tentative flight plan for Zackenberg 2017 Logistics 30.11.2017
Three-year postdoc position in Next-generation Molecular Ecology using Environmental DNA 935891 Job 01.12.2017
Tentative JACO flight schedule 2017 Logistics 31.12.2017
DMI Service of weather stations in north east Greenland 2018 Logistics 14.02.2018
Biologist or the like for Dept. of Environment at The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Job 02.03.2018
LC-130 transport from Kangerlussuaq to EGRIP Logistics 09.03.2018
PROMICE station maintenance and snow survey Logistics 15.05.2018
Ph.D. position: Greenland fjord productivity under climate change (GreenShift) Job 01.08.2018
Job position: Climatologist at Asiaq - Greenland Survey Job 12.08.2018
Graduate Opportunities in Arctic Science Job 16.08.2018
Geoguide Ittoqqortoormiut Area 2018 Logistics 15.09.2018
PhD: DMS(P) production and carbon uptake by polar microalgae in a high-CO2 world (218381) Job 30.09.2018
Remote Sensing analyst at Asiaq, Greenland Survey Job 14.10.2018
Two Research Associate Positions Available at CEOS, University of Manitoba, Canada Job 15.12.2018
Laboratorie tekniker/Lab Technician Job 19.05.2019
Atmospheric Researcher at Asiaq Greenland Survey Job 24.05.2019