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Air-ice fluxes and the spring/summer evolution of the surface heat budget (SEB)


Project start
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Type of project
Project theme
Sea ice
Project topic
Atmosphere - ice coupling
Climate research

Fieldwork / Study

Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
Cambridge Bay
Fieldwork location

Geolocation is 69.1168641, -105.0596814

Fieldwork start
Fieldwork end

Project details

Science / project plan

he broad objective of this project is to study the interrelationships among surface fluxes of heat, radiation and CO2 over a fast ice system and seasonal changes in both the surface ice/snow volume and atmosphere. In-field measurements of the full energy and radiation budgets and eddy covariance measurements of air-ice CO2 exchange will be made at a fast ice site near to Cambridge Bay.  These will be the first measurements of this kind for the region and will build on similar datasets from seasonal ice systems elsewhere in the Arctic Archipelago and in Greenland.  Collectively the data set will allow us to explore synoptic controls over melt initiation and progression, and will permit a comprehensive study into the direct role of sea ice on CO2 exchange budgets for a variety of sea ice systems (Papakyriakou, Else, Luque, Sørenson).  In particular, this year’s data will support dedicated studies into the role of brine and brine drainage on sea ice thermodynamics (Ehn, Landy and Diaz).

Field site: Field camp, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada

Project Leads: T.Papakyriakou/B.Else/J.Ehn/L-L.Sørenson

PI: T. Papakyriakou

Project Participants: Dr. Tim Papakyriakou (CEOS), Dr. Brent Else (CEOS); Dr. Jens Ehn (CEOS); Dr. Lise-Lotte Sørenson (AU); Jack Landy (CEOS); Sebastian Luque (CEOS); Aura Diaz (CEOS).

Fieldwork Summary/photo blog: Link to project summary report