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Aerial mapping - Westgreenland

Aerial photoplane available in Greenland - Asiaq, Greenland Survey
Type of transport
Civil fixed-wing aircraft
Greenland, Mid-West

During the summer 2016 - from July 15th until August 31st - Asiaq, Greenland Survey will update the base maps of Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat and Maniitsoq by aerial photography. The job will be put out to public tender during this winter.

There is a fixed cost of getting the airplane from its base abroad to Greenland. By sharing the expenses between several parties, the individual company will save costs on the aerial mission.

Asiaq therefore offers the opportunity for your company, to use this airplane for aerial mapping or monitoring of areas onshore or offshore in Greenland.

The cost of the airplane flight from its base abroad to Greenland, will be shared by Asiaq and the companies who will use the airplane. Each company will hold its own expenses for the mapping.

If you are interested in using the airplane for aerial mapping or monitoring areas in Greenland in cooperation with Asiaq, please contact me 31st January 2016 at the latest.

Aerial photography is used for covering a larger geographical area in high accuracy.

Using our own drone, Asiaq will also be able to do aerial photography and mapping for smaller areas.

If you need mapping of a large geographical area in a lower accuracy, Asiaq can do this as well, based on satellite images.

Best regards

Jens Gottlieb

Asiaq, Greenland Survey