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21-04-2017 | Article

Numerical selfie

Greenland releases its annual statistical self-portrait
21-04-2017 | Article

Shark angst

If you thought waiting a century for sex was bad for you personally, imagine the effect dying a...
20-04-2017 | Article

Freedom isn’t free

There is no such thing as a free independence, despite what a majority of Greenlandic voters hope
20-04-2017 | Article

Plastic waste from Europe and USA ends up in the Arctic

Plastic waste from Europe and USA ends up in the Arctic20.04.2017In just a few decades, the Arctic...
20-04-2017 | Article

Kom indenfor på Ruslands nye militærbase i Arktis

Konferencesal, klasseværelser og operationsstue. Det er hvad Ruslands nye 14.000 kvadratmeter store...
20-04-2017 | Article

“A question of time until we find oil”

Press release from the Government of the Faroe Islands
20-04-2017 | Article

Russiske grænsevagter på Nordpolen

Syv soldater fra Ruslands grænsevagttjeneste FSB nåede i midten af april Nordpolen i fuld...
20-04-2017 | Article

A large conveyor belt transfers floating plastic litter to the remote Arctic Ocean

Press release from Tara Expeditions
20-04-2017 | Article

The Polarstern returns to its homeport with precious cargo

Press release from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut
20-04-2017 | Article

The Alfred Wegener Institute supports the “March for Science”

Press release from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut
19-04-2017 | Article

A helping hand

Denmark’s annual state of the kingdom report paints a rotten picture of Greenland’s economy
19-04-2017 | Article

Expanding horizon

Upgrading Iqaluit’s airport illustrates the promise and the difficulties associated with Northern...
18-04-2017 | Article

Letting the genie out of the well

BP has an oil and gas leak in Alaska under control. Other factors are not
18-04-2017 | Article

Glacier Shape Influences Susceptibility to Melting

Press release from the Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center
18-04-2017 | Article

Neighbourhood diplomacy

Reykjavík is being eyed as the location for Nuuk’s next ‘embassy’
18-04-2017 | Article

Løkke: Fortsat store økonomiske udfordringer på Grønland

Der var fremgang og vækst i Grønlands økonomi i 2016. Således oplevede man en realvækst i...
18-04-2017 | Article

GEM Annual Report Card

The Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) programme has from this year onwards changed the format of...
18-04-2017 | Article

Bluejay Commences Permitting Phase at Pituffik

Press release from Bluejay Mining
18-04-2017 | Article

Danmark etablerer Kontinentalsokkel-beredskab

Danmark har etableret et særligt permanent beredskab, der står klar til at svare igen, hvis lande...
The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has announced a call for proposals for UArctic project grants.All Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese members of UArctic are eligble to apply.The call and application form can be found here:


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Title Org. name Type of project
Instrumentation of bowhead whales with CTD tags Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Marine ecosystems
Tagging of bowhead whales in Greenland Sea Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Marine ecosystems
Aerial survey of marine mammals in East Greenland Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Marine ecosystems
NorthGreen2017 Expedition to NE Greenland: Oceanography, biology and geology Aarhus University Earth sciences
Research Cruise Greenland Sea Aug/Sep 2017 Aarhus University Marine ecosystems
Itinerary Expected travel start date Expected travel end date
Station Nord, Kap Morris Jesup, Danmarkshavn 20 Jul 2017 20 Sep 2017
Akureyri to North East Greenland 25 Jul 2017 29 Aug 2017
NE Greenland THET-CLASS 01 Aug 2017 20 Aug 2017
NW Greenland KNUD-CLASS 01 Jul 2017 30 Sep 2017
NE Greenland KNUD-CLASS 15 Jul 2017 15 Aug 2017
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
Basic First Aid course 15 May 2017 Other N/A
Elementary fire protection 29 May 2017 Other N/A
Rubberboat training 19 May 2017 Other N/A
Shooting course (practice) 09 Jun 2017 Other N/A
Shooting course (practice) 01 May 2017 Other N/A